Here is how you can type in Yoruba and Igbo languages on your phone

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If you want to type in Yoruba or Igbo language on your mobile phone, you will be excited to hear that quite a number of keyboard apps now have support for both languages. Oh glory!

Yes; you can now type in Yoruba with a numberr of different keyboards that are available from your phone’s app store. And if Igbo is your choice typing language, these same keyboard apps support it too.

swiftkey keyboard - type in igbo language - type in yoruba language

Now you can bang (sorry, swipe) away in Igbo and Yoruba languages as easily as you could do in English. Well done, Swiftkey.

To type in Yoruba or Igbo languages with SwiftKey Keyboard

To use either language, download and install Swiftkey on your Android device, then go to Settings -> Language and Input: select your preferred language, in this case Igbo or Yoruba. That’s it.

To type in Igbo or Yoruba languages with TouchPal keyboard

You can also use TouchPal keyboard for typing in Igbo or Yoruba. Some users swear that TouchPal is the best application for typing Yorùbá language on your smartphone, you can easily download a plugin right from the app to start typing in Yorùbá. To input letters with accents, long tap each letter to pop-up its accented version.

To type in Yoruba or Igbo languages with Google Keyboard (Gboard)

Gboard Google keyboard

Google Keyboard for Android now supports both Igbo and Yoruba languages. To set either one up, first install the app, then go to your phone settings -> Languages & input -> Current keyboard, and select Gboard.

Then go back and tap Manage keyboards -> Settings -> Add keyboard: use the search icon and type “Yoruba” or “Igbo” and select your preferred language. That is it.

PS: Thanks to EyeBeeKay for the tip!

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  1. At last we can now type words with the right accents for all those Yoruba words that have four different meanings *flees*

  2. I don’t speak any kadankada of Hausa, but I don’t see that listed.

    Seems odd, as Hausa is even more widely spoken than Ibo and Yoruba joined together.

  3. Still my favorite keyboard App,good to see more Nigerian support being added to an already great experience..

  4. Swift key for swiftly ni.. Android L keyboard is still d best IMO, aesthetics n all… Then touchpal.. But for the users to, big congrats to y’all

  5. Widely spoken but less used on the net. Remember Hausa is documented in both Arabic (Ajami script) and Greek Alphabets. The programmers might have problem deciding.

  6. Also a fan of touchPal.. Except the part where its emotions are not compatible with fb smiles

  7. Thanks for the very useful information. Can I please have a link to the site where I can download the swiftkey app for yoruba?

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