Uber app for Android not working any more on BB10

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In simple terms, after the most recent updates released for the Uber app for Android, the app no longer works on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. I have tested this on both Passport and Classic, and the results are the same.

The existing installation on the Passport now shows this when launched:
Uber on BB10 run
Before this time, the Uber app ran well without hitches.

And this is the error that I get when I try to install the Uber APK file on the BlackBerry Classic:
Uber on BB10 install

My guess is that recent updates to the Android app has broken some compatibility with BB10. Sigh. Will this be resolved? I don’t know, but I hope so. I hate carrying two smartphones around, but I have to do that now just to be able to use Uber on the go.


  1. Use the UBER Mobile Website for the time being, it works great and is a little more stable than the previous solution with an Android App.
    Easiest is to save the link to your homescreen m.uber.com

  2. On my BB Passport, I go to m.uber.com and sign in with my credentials and receive an ERROR message.

    Please download the Uber app or visit http://t.uber.com/support to request access to the mobile Uber site.

    I then go to http://t.uber.com/support and SIGN IN. I then get an error message (white screen)

    {“error”: “invalid_client”}

    Trying to set this up on the Passport has been UBER frustrating. I could have called 50 taxis by now.

    Any other suggestions are appreciated.

  3. I found out the same thing in May 2015 when I tried to update the Uber app on my Q10. I spoke to Blackberry Tech Support and they were of no help. The Uber mobile website I pasted on my browser only works half the time. I am back to calling cabs. I am considering buying an iPhone, but hate the idea of abandoning the qwerty keyboard.

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