Uber defrauds users and drivers – Law Suit

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In the latest season of Uber’s travails, the ride service provider has been accused of deceiving users and drivers in a class-action lawsuit filed in the United States. According to the law suit, Uber defrauds users and drivers by using sophisticated manipulation via software.

How Uber Defrauds Users And Drivers

According to the filing, Uber’s software is designed to cheat both users and drivers. In simple terms, the Uber app is alleged to calculate the passenger’s fare based on a longer route than that displayed to them. So, the rider pays a higher fare than they should. The driver is paid based on the shorter route. Uber pockets the difference.

This is a huge one. The class-action law suit was filed on behalf of a Uber drive. You can download a PDF copy of the law suit HERE.

You can read the original news report HERE.

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