Google Maps not good enough for Uber

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Hello Google, Uber wants out of your mapping service. Ride service, Uber, has voted an insane amount of money – $500m – to develop its own maps software and service. Why? In summary: Google Maps isn’t good enough. And so Uber wants to eliminate the current situation in which they are dependent on Google for mapping. So, in the future, we shall see some sort of Uber Maps.

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Why Uber Maps: The Details

At the moment, Uber drivers use an app that is reliant on Google Maps for pinpointing location and for navigation. So, why and how is Google Maps not good enough?

  1. Uber says it needs more specialised maps
  2. Uber needs maps that provide more detailed info like traffic patterns and precise pick-up and drop-off locations
  3. Uber needs to be able to cover parts of the world that currently exist without maps
  4. Uber needs to not be tied down by Google’s service conditions and support response times

We suspect that the last item on that list is the real (or strongest) driving force in this push for “Uber Maps”. “Everybody” rides on Google products to starlight but eventually feel the need to break away from depending on it.

It appears that Uber is currently limited in some way in what it can do with Google Maps. Or perhaps it is limited in what it plans to do in the near future. Whatever the real story is, you should be saying hello to Uber Maps soon enough.


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  1. lol, $500m pere?
    unless they’re gonna use some preexisting mapping solution as a base, i doubt that’s enough to build a top notch mapping solution

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