How Uber is switching to self driving cars

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In recent years, attention has driven towards self driving cars. With the likes of Tesla pushing the technology, other car makers are shifting to making autonomous or semi-autonomous cars. Uber is already striking deals with car makers to manufacture such cars for them. The goal is to replace the millions of Uber human drivers with self driving cars.


Before the end of this month, Uber will start testing self driving cars in downtown Pittsburgh. Users will request for the cars from their phones, but there will be a human in the driver’s seat for the time being. There will also be co-pilot, in the front passenger seat. His work would be to takes notes on a laptop.

For safety and security, everything that happens is recorded by cameras inside and outside the car. Each of the cars will also be equipped with a tablet computer in the back seat. This will inform the rider that they’re in an autonomous car and to explain further what’s happening.

Uber has a deal with Volvo to produce 100 specially modified Volvo XC90 sport-utility vehicles. These cars will be fitted with dozens of sensors, cameras, lasers, GPS receivers etc, for the self driving purpose. For Uber, the goal would be to wean us off of having drivers in the car. We should expect to see more of this years to come.

For now, Uber’s test cars travel with safety drivers,


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