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Last year, HTC made a bet on putting a 4 megapixel camera in its flagship smartphone, the One. I still haven’t had the opportunity to handle one till today, but reviews everywhere are almost unanimous that the UltraPixel thing, as it is branded, doesn’t measure up to the competition. This year, HTC has stuck with a 4 megapixel camera once again on its just announced flagship, the HTC One 2014.

Yes; we know that image quality is not only about megapixels, and so HTC is hoping that the bigger pixels on the 4 megapixel sensor will make up for the difference. It doesn’t seem to have done that in the opinion of lots of reviewers. Personally, I think that HTC needs to forget about this 4 megapixels thing.

Whether or not you have owned an HTC One, what are your thoughts on this subject?


  1. I owned the HTC 1 (2013 edition) and the camera isn’t bad, maybe bcos I’m not a reviewer that’s Y. But I tell you the picture quality is on par with the Samsung Galaxy S4, Mr Mo pls look for an HTC1 to review. Well I no longer look its way bcos I can’t deceive myself paying 5k on data when my BB is there, its a music player now that’s all

  2. I have had the one the camera does capture a lot of light and if you just a snap shot kind of person it’s a fine camera and unbeatable in dark situations. But the moment you want to blow the picture up it lacks details or in bright light the advantages you have in the dark turn against you and it pulls in to much light washing details out.

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