Android 7 Nougat is rolling out to UMi Plus

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In an impressive execution, UMi has fulfilled their promise of rolling out the Android 7 Nougat update to the UMi Plus before Christmas 2016. Yesterday, the update began to seed out to users of the device. UMi says that the update will reach all the users within 24 hours. Nice.

UMI Plus Android 7 Nougat Update

Android 7 on UMi Plus

Umi Plus users can expect to enjoy the following improvements to their devices once they get the update:

  • Vulkan API support for enhanced 3D graphics;
  • Customizable quick settings menu and direct reply through message notifications;
  • Multi-Window view and quick switch between apps;
  • More than 1500 emojis and multi-locale settings.

Before You update Your UMi Plus

The update is available over-the-air (OTA) and will arrive directly on your UMI Plus. Do note the following before you update:

  1. Your quick settings that you had set up will be removed;
  2. Your Fingerprint ID will be removed too.

That means you will need to set up both your Quick Settings and Fingerprint ID again after installing the update. Let us know how it goes.

Here is my UMi Plus review and you can read up the UMi Plus specifications here.

A Standard For Other OEMs

Hopefully, UMi is setting a new standard for other Android OEMs who have not been very generous with software updates – and especially done OTA. This is 2016 going 2017. Asking mobile users to download ROMs in order to flash updates to their phones is so 2009. Of course, it is to be noted that UMi runs a stock Android experience on the UMi Plus. This makes for easier updates. Still…

Dear TECNO and Infinix Mobility, when are users of the Phantom 6 and Zero 4 twins getting the Android 7 Nougat updates on their devices?


  1. Multi-Window view and quick switch between apps;

    Out of all the Nougatic enhancement, this is the one I would kill for… …. multiwindowing

    Unless you are a Samsung fan, or do EXposed FrameWork, Nougat is your only other option to multiple apps onscreen.. A good one ..

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