UMi Plus Unboxing Photos: Sleek budget flagship

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A unit of the UMi Plus was delivered to Mobility Arena today. We have compiled some UMi Plus unboxing photos for your pleasure. The UMi Plus is a 5.5-inch smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery all packed in a beautiful metal shell. There’s 4G LTE, 32 GB internal storage, expandable storage, a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 4G RAM. See the full UMi Plus specifications. Enjoy the unboxing photos below.

UMi Plus Unboxing Photo Gallery

We love compact product packages, and the UMi Plus immediately scored big on that.

Note though that the sales package does not include a headset. All you have there is a card slot eject pin,a charging plug and USB Type-C cable.


In hand, the UMi Plus feels like a solidly built device. It is made of metal.


The UMi Plus has a beautiful screen that is beautiful to look at and feels lovely to touch. There is scratch and shock resistant glass here, but it isn’t Gorilla Glass. The name is Dinorex Glass, and it is just as good.


The back sports the 13 megapixel Samsung camera with dual LED flash. The UMi logo is there too.


At the bottom edge, you can see the loudspeaker grilles astride the USB Type-C port.

UMi Plus unboxing

And at the bottom edge of the display is a physical home button. That button is also where the fingerprint scanner is located.


On the left edge are the SIM card tray and a custom button. You can set the button to execute any particular action you prefer e.g. launch a specific app when pushed.


The last Umi Plus unboxing photo we have for you is this. The device sits on its box quietly waiting for us to set it up and start putting it through its paces.


The UMi Plus is an intriguing smartphone. Straight off the bat, it ticks so many boxes right. It has fairly regular flagship specifications and features at a fraction of the cost of those it jostles space with.

But how does it perform in every day use? We will have more UMi Plus resource articles ready for you day after day. Of course, in our full review, we shall give our verdict on this gentle giant. Do not forget to check out the UMi Plus specifications sheet.

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