Unbelievable: Cameroon gets first 3G network

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In really surprising news, Cameroon has just launched its first commercial 3G network as Nexttel commences operations. Before now, the country had just two GSM networks, MTN and Orange, and those two did not run 3G services. Cameroon reportedly has a mobile market penetration rate below the African average.

Viettel is Vietnam’s largest mobile network operator, a state-owned enterprise wholly owned and operated by the Vietnam Ministry of Defence. In a joint-venture with Bestinver Cameroon S.A.R.L., Viettel won the Cameroon licence in December 2012, launched service this year, and now operates using the brand name, Nexttel.

In contrast, Nigeria launched its first 3G service in 2008.


  1. Wholly Untrue, MTN and Orange Offered 3G services since 2011, just didn’t advertise as such.

    I am Batman!

  2. Batman,

    Wholly untrue? Here:

    Where did you get this info about MTN and Orange Cameroon offering 3G since 2011 from? Who issued the licences? Unless those two networks are running the same kind of ghost 4G network that Globacom Nigeria claims it launched years ago, every authority seems to be clear about there being only one 3G network in Cameroon.

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