The Innjoo Fire arrived Mobility Towers today, and it was exciting to finally get a grasp of this lovely device. This phone is the latest

Unboxing, Photos and Hands on with the Innjoo Fire

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The Innjoo Fire arrived Mobility Towers today, and it was exciting to finally get a grasp of this lovely device. This phone is the latest offering from Innjoo and the amazing thing here is that you get 2GB RAM for the lowest price possible.

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The phone pack is very similar to that of the Innjoo One, probably a cost cutting measure, but we really only care about what’s in the box. Opening up the pack you see the phone itself, then underneath you find the manuals, USB wall charger and a small pack containing the earphones and USB cable.

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The phone itself looks good with a metal frame around the sides. The back case has a slightly rough texture for a good grip. We had the black unit, and going through the phone everything looks so fast and fluid. I had to truly confirm this phone shipped with 2GB RAM. We also have a fully partitioned 16GB ROM, 5MP/5MP camera, you can see the full specifications HERE.

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This phone will officially start selling June 1st on the Jumia Mobile Megathon for an amazing price of just N17,000. Did I mention this phone also has a notification light? Expect a full review soonest Mobility style 😉 meanwhile enjoy some more pictures.

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  1. Ask… Please don’t faint. Innjoo just brought a knife to a fist fight. Those guys are ready to play ball.
    Remember, this fight is at the bottom of the pyramid, they have got lots of space to do so. The Space that our dear ‘big boys’ are conveniently ignoring. Let’s just sit back and watch, for this is gonna be really interesting.

  2. The innjoo one, injoo fire, infinix hot note…which is the best? Also feel free to give me better suggestions…#Jumiamobileweek

  3. Hello Emma, I’d say your budget will determine The Innjoo One is about 29k, Innjoo Fire 17k, Hot Note 24.5k… The first two already has 2GB RAM. How much is your budget?

  4. I thought the One is 28k.
    But then, the prices should come down during the Jumia Mobile Week, right?

  5. But the battery sucks.. I’d rather get an infinix hot note which has a 4000 mah battery capacity!

  6. you are right, Inifinix hotnote has the best battery,I used it for 2-days without charging.

  7. Innjoo one is still about #28k despite all the noise made by Jumia.I was there today.Thought the price should have been lower than that.

  8. The phone is very cheap man ……… Please can u send me d pic of the phone without the battery to or paste it on dis site. As in d place where the battery stays and also d battery itself. Thanks

  9. Please does this innjoo fire support earphone Bluetooth and pls is there anyway i can upgrade it so that it can use blackberry subscription???

  10. Please how can i upgrade my innjoo fire so that it can use blackberry subscription??

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