Unboxing Photos of the Xiaomi Mi 4i

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The Xiaomi Mi 4i is one lovely device with a 5-inch screen, 2GB RAM, 16 GB inbuilt storage and embedded 3120 mAh battery, see the full specifications HERE. Fortunately, one of my international friends got the device and decided to share it with us. Feed your eyes!!


Xiaomi Mi 4i (3)

Xiaomi Mi 4i (1)

Xiaomi Mi 4i (4)

Xiaomi Mi 4i (6)

Xiaomi Mi 4i (5)

Xiaomi Mi 4i (7)

Our friend said it cost him 13,000 Indian Rupees to purchase it from Flipkart India, which is about N40,600 in Nigerian currency, and the box just comes with the charger and booklets. It’s sad the stress someone in this part of the world has to go through before touching any of these kind of devices.

Thanks to Rohit Jain for sending this in.

  1. Its high time Xiaomi found its way to Nigeria.Had always read about it,never touched one nor played with it.But am in love with the looks and specs.I hope somebody somewhere connected is reading this.

  2. Xiaomi hasn’t even officially made its way to Europe, they’re in no hurry to conquer other markets.

    The only way you’ll get it is via grey import. The downside is that if anything goes wrong with it, you’re on your own.

  3. Xiaomi isn’t even available in the US. They only recently opened their online store to the US, but they’re only selling accessories.

  4. too bad… they don’t know what they are missing in Africa.. no one wants to risk OYO

  5. Gosh…I’m just here drooling like kilode

    I just NEED this gorgeous beauty in my boring life

  6. I woke up one day and realised I can’t stand plastic phones with huge bezels. I don’t find this a beauty.

  7. The good thing is that Xiaomi have other “official” distributors, don’t know if FlipKart qualifies but at least the consumer has some recourse if things go wrong.

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