I’d love to say a big thank you to the handful of individuals who took advantage of the introduction promo on my “advice column” and

Uncle Mo Intro Promo Ends

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I’d love to say a big thank you to the handful of individuals who took advantage of the introduction promo on my “advice column” and personal coaching service, Uncle Mo! The idea behind the initial low introduction fee was that I wanted to make sure that I gave as many people as possible the opportunity to subscribe to the service, regardless of their financial ability. After all, not everyone can afford the standard fees that I charge, yet everyone deserves a chance.

We have now hit our target for that intro promo and so have closed that window. New subscriptions from this point will be at our regular rates.

What Is Uncle Mo About?

There are lots of people trying to make sense of everything around them. We err when we expect things to always go as planned, and hurt ourselves when we do not find an outlet to express our disappointment, unburden our minds, or bounce thoughts off.

Our society tends to choke people into the molds of certain expectations, and once a person doesn’t fit into that, they are regarded as outsiders. The result? People just bottle up, lock up, and bear their burdens till they are overwhelmed. Despair, depression, and suicide sometimes follow.

Everyone needs that ‘outlet’, a person they can go to when they need to unload their minds. The term “confidant” is often used to describe a person who has been trusted with sensitive or private personal information. The feeling of opening up to another human being without fear of exposure or judgment is very freeing.

17 Years Counselling Experience

For over seventeen years, I have been guiding people towards practical life solutions whether in the workplace, at school, or at home. Uncle Mo is your soundboard, counselor, and confidante; the service that cares, listens, and will always be there. Uncle Mo is a professional counseling service that covers whatever the client wishes to discuss. From sex to depression, rifts in the family, rape, work and career, Uncle Mo is here to listen, and advise. I may not have all the answers, but I listen and share insights that help people stay sane and get on with life.

This professional service is founded on the pillar of confidentiality: measures have been put in place to ensure clients’ security and anonymity.


I have a modest clientele base of individuals based here in Nigeria, across Africa and in Europe. Of course, confidentiality means that I cannot divulge anyone’s identity.


The basic service is via online channels, so using this service does not have to disrupt your work or leisure schedule. It is available via a range of platforms, including:

– BlackBerry Messenger
– Facebook Chat
– WhatsApp
– Email

Telephone calls and office visits are not included in this package. Where required, telephone and office consultations need to be arranged and billed for separately.

Standard Fee

N25,000 per annum only


Call +2348187775484 to make enquiries.


Text “Uncle Mo” to +2348187775484 to receive signup details.

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