The Underground is a musical talent hunt show organized by Inner circle to discover and showcase talented and upcoming musical acts in the Nigerian music

Underground Exclusive – Christmas 2010

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The Underground is a musical talent hunt show organized by Inner circle to discover and showcase talented and upcoming musical acts in the Nigerian music Industry. On Sunday the 26th of December 2010, an exclusive Christmas edition of the show went down at the Rehab Bar and Pool, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Mobility Nigeria was a media partner and our team was there. Here is a brief report.


The show which was completely sold-out, with the venue packed to the rafters, was to say the least an electrifying one. The audience had good value for their money as they were treated to some very good music and very good stage perfomances by some of the young, talented and upcoming acts. The show kicked off with performances from 15 of the upcoming acts who had made it through the auditioning and screening process. They were later cut down to the top 4 after votes came in from the audience.

The top 4 performed and were cut down to two, and this time the votes came from celebrity judges from various segments of the entertainment industry who were in attendance. The last two performers contested fiercely, but the day was carried by a very gifted Hushman after winning the free style battle. Folashayo Oke, president of Inner Circle (the organisers) said, “This is our little contribution to the Nigerian music industry”.

The Blackberry Addiction

As it turned out, roughly 90 percent of the audience of over 400 at this event were carrying a Blackberry device. It seems that there is a Blackberry revolution among the youths, especially in the entertainment sector. Everywhere we turned we saw people snapping pictures, recording videos, giving live Twitter reports of the event and uploading pictures to Facebook in realtime.

The Future

At Mobility Nigeria, we are determined to engage the mobile culture nationwide in a greater way. We have already announced our upcoming mPower seminars and mobileRave events. Our media partnership with Underground will bring you free downloadable videos, pictures, reports and surveys.

If you are interested in attending Underground events, follow @mobilityblog on Twitter, and/or subscribe to be notified of our posts, as we will be bringing you more information from time to time.

If you were at the Underground Exclusive, what are your views about the performances? Who would have been your choice of winner between the last two standing? Your comments are welcome!

In the meantime, do watch out for our interview with the organizers of the Underground event.


  1. Empowering our youths is an insurance for the future.

    BB(Black-Berry) is now everywhere and most people are stock to BB because of the BB PIN and BBM, to most people BB PIN is even more important than phone numbers.

    The funniest thing is that in the early days of BB in Nigeria most people got BB because it was easier and cheaper to get online with a BB. A lot of people got BB because of the data access (internet) that comes with it once you subscribe (and in most cases provided you will only browse on your phone). It is so unfortunate/fortunate that up til today it is cheaper to go online with a BB if you only intend to browse on you phone. Before those beautiful comments start coming in, pls note that the comparison is for Price/Data Bundle. eg on Glo you get 1.5GB for 5000naira on Data bundle but on BB, 3000 will get you the same amount of data access.

  2. I don’t know where to stand. Is the BBaddiction good or Bad? We may have to engage in a lenghty debate to iron it outm

    Am sure though, any good thing in the hand of someone with eveil intention, becomes bad, not so?

    What are the opportunities it is creating?

    You maY find it hard to break people from what they love (vanity) but if it is a popular Vanity, it can be leveraged upon for the greater good. #MyThought. *cracking head now, sorry, racking head now* can you see somethong am missing.

    Ideas flying in the air! Ideas for sale.

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