Many months ago, I subscribed to the standard Etisalat BlackBerry service in order to both review it and a BlackBerry device that was available that

Understanding Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Plan

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Etisalat BlackBerry

Many months ago, I subscribed to the standard Etisalat BlackBerry service in order to both review it and a BlackBerry device that was available that time.

At the end of my review period, I had issues unsubscribing from the package. Eventually, I got informed at a customer care centre that the code for standard BlackBerry de-activation was *399*2#

That code worked and I was able to get off the plan.

Enter BlackBerry Complete

Some months later, I subscribed to the new BlackBerry Complete plan, and when done, I assumed that the same code would work for de-activation.

I executed the code and went on my way. Little did I know that a rude shock awaited me. The following month, I loaded some amount in order to subscribe to an EasyBlaze internet bundle plan. But as soon as I had loaded N1,500 on the line, that amount was pulled out. A few minutes later, I received an SMS to the effect that my Refusals BlackBerry Complete plan had been renewed. What the…!

BlackBerry Complete As A Tariff Plan

Etisalat’s BB Complete is actually a separate voice tariff plan, similar to EasyLife and EasyCliq. For example, when on the BB Complete plan, your voice calls are charged at the rate of 20k per second, a huge discount over what you get on EasyCliq (50k per sec).

To get off Etisalat BlackBerry Complete, simply execute the appropriate code to return to EasyStarter or EasyCliq. Simple.

When you subscribe to BB Complete, you actually opt out of either EasyStarter or EasyCliq, depending on which of them you were on. For example, to de-activate BB Complete, dial *244*1*# to return to EasyCliq. That opts you out of BB Complete.

To return to EasyStarter, execute the code for that package too. Simple.

Now you know how Etisalat’s BlackBerry Complete plan works and how to de-activate it.

  1. You forgot to add that u are charged â 100 bucks for migration to either plan (or for easy starter: sure of that). Its pretty annoying IMO especially if you want to change from weekly to monthly or vice versa. Imagine the process one has to go through just to change from one BB complete to the other!

  2. I confirm your assertions, but the more shocking and annoying fact is the N100 one would be charged for opting back to easycliq/starter. I find this rather crazy.

  3. Does Etisalat customer care officer knows this difference. On December 24, 2011. When all network failed me and people were shouting etisalat is it. I wanted to test them I subscribed to the daily N100 BB day. With N200 on my phone N100 was deducted but service book was not sent and for 24hrs I did not use the service.

    The second day another N100 was deducted again. I was mad I called there CCO and mail them and I was assured that they have cancel the auto renewal I loaded N1500 on the phone and day by day my money was removed without any corresponding service. I called, I mailed, I shouted and nothing was done until 1500 was exhausted all their customer care could not fix it despite repeated call and mails.
    To me etisalat are the dumbest people in town

  4. That auto deduction I what I hate the most, the code for de activation does nt work. O I remember the day I had ?????? money at home *just 100* and I recharge with hope of asking smone to bring me money so I could at least proceed to the bank and immediately I recharged it was deducted note I deactivated the service for close to a month. I was stranded and since then I. Decided to never trust etisalat again,with glo if at the time of expiry your. Balance is not enough even when you top up it will not be deactivated

  5. Took me time before I could free myself of the BB complete plan. Subscribing to easycliq did it for me then. Anyway I wasn’t chraged n100 for the migration oh!

    As far as I know the charge comes on if you migrate within 30 days of a recent migration. That’s how it is on all networks if things haven’t changed

  6. Aha! Auto renewal. I remember that problem. I wud get so mad i often started hyperventilating (money aint free na)…took me over a month-no thanks to Customer care (Seriously, are those people adequately trained?)-to get the deactivation code from an online forum. Auto renewal was one of the reasons why i pulled out Etisalat sim, arranged it in a clean box and forgot it somewhere.

  7. etisalat has 2 stop dis madness, we are nt fools can remember when other network fail i decided 2 go 4 etisalat since they are very stable in area, because unstability of glo n mtn flats my E6 battery and cause di phone 2 heat, i wanted 2 subscribe 2 500mb b4 i would finish recharging d credit 1k disappear, nt knowing dat the 200mb i did 4months ago has been renewed……
    I did nt receive msg at all
    i was mad dat night bcos i want 2 use it dat night. D next day i call their cco she ask me am i on any data plan b4?
    Immediately i know i was SCAM by etisalat i just end d call,…
    Why will they renew ur plan witout letting u know?
    Ok supposing my sim was in Nokia 3310 how am i going 2 use d 200mb?
    This where mtn beat all network, for instance my mtn caller tune is going 2 expire mtn would tell ahead of time dat its going 2 b renew and i can send CANCEL 2 4100,…

    Even dis their daily access fee of #25 on easylife 2.0 is anoying:
    why nt make it first min. Call of day like airtel 2good and mtn supersaver? Did u dat d remaining 1k was taken little by little until my money finish,.
    Whether i call or not each #25 must go 4 them,… Is it nt madness?
    Mtn supersaver 4 mtn 2 mtn..
    glo infinito 4 glo 2 others..

  8. All these interminable codes to do this- do that- is just plain silly!

    I just got this message…

    Send SMS with zero balance on your phone using GloPay4me! Simply send your message to 1462 + (Glo number) eg. 146208051234678 requesting your friend to pay.

    from GLO.

    How many codes are we going to have, off hand, to make use of services, or activate/deactivate things – on our networks?

    Can the GSM companies not explore the possibility of incorporating ALL these codes as menu_driven updateable mini_apps on their SIM (sim APPs)?

    These ‘codes’ are TOO MANY and unwieldy…

  9. I used the etisalat bb daily subscription from my sim on some one else’s bb, after i was done, i ejected the sim, thinking that was all, i put it back on my phone and loaded 100 naira, oboy i fear fear, the money wouldn’t even last a sec.
    After sometime, they sent a msg that i culd opt-out with the code *399*2#, i tried it but till date it’s telling me request failed.
    These people are theives.

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