Understanding the new BlackBerry in four easy points

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Blackberry Ltd has announced that it has stopped making its own smartphones. If this announcement has got you confused, we have broken everything down for you into four easy points. Find below everything you need to know about this brand new BlackBerry.

new Blackberry

1, 2, 3, 4 Points

1. Blackberry will discontinue all in-house handset hardware development.

2. There will continue to be BlackBerry-branded devices. But they will be developed and sold by hardware partners. BlackBerry will license these hardware partners. BlackBerry will manage and approve the design of future BlackBerry-branded devices.

3. BlackBerry will focus on its strengths: software and security solutions. This means that BlackBerry will continue to design, develop and manage the software running on BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry will continue to develop and support security solutions for the enterprise market.

4. The new Indonesian joint venture is called BB Merah Putih. It is led by Indonesian telecommunications firm, PT Tiphone Mobile. The joint venture will source, distribute and promote blackberry-branded handsets for the Indonesia market only. TCL/Alcatel already makes BlackBerry-branded devices for other markets. Other hardware manufacturers will continue be engaged by BlackBerry to produce BlackBerry devices.

Software Is The New BlackBerry

In summary, BlackBerry is now 100% a software company. Say hello to the new BlackBerry, people.

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