I was introduced to the world of flashing by Windows Mobile years back. Since then, I have flashed Symbian, Android and iOS devices quite a

University degree required to root a smartphone

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HTC One X mix
I was introduced to the world of flashing by Windows Mobile years back. Since then, I have flashed Symbian, Android and iOS devices quite a bit. However, I am done with rooting and flashing. After flashing the Nokia E7 to experience Belle OS on it while Nokia delayed many months ago, I made up my mind not to return to rooting and flashing my mobile devices any more. The idea is to experience the pains of each devices as the average user does.

I ran into a couple of articles about rooting and flashing the HTC One X recently, and I got dizzy reading through the steps. Not that i couldn’t follow those steps and get it done if I wanted to, but please….! It looked like a university degree is needed to do such a simple thing as root the One X.

Take a look: Root ANY HTC One X [One-Click Method].

If that’s the one-click method, what would the ten-click method be like?

You geeky/nerdy types go right ahead and root and flash. Me? If a device is severely handicapped from the manufacturer, it is crap. I either suffer it that way, or out the window it goes.

Dear Lord, one-click?! Sheeesh.


  1. That one click rooting is damn complex. Didn’t have to go through that rigmarole while Jailbreaking my phone. Appears HTC must have really locked down the One X!

  2. Uh, Mr.Mo, you didn’t clarify which kind of degree you need to have in order to root 🙂

    Ok, I managed to follow the instructions on the link…I didn’t find it that confusing to follow. Might just be me of course.

    Having said that, “one-click” is a misnomer – he clicked more than 5 times before the end result (I stopped counting at 8!)

  3. just leave Mr Mo jare.
    infact I am protesting his premature return by not saying anything

  4. I have been tempted on many occassions to attempt such nerdy things. But I have never succumbed to such temptations.

    Point is- I need to convince myself that the rewards of sich an action justifies the risk of rooting (the risk is there, ask SpacyZuma -the Hackivist!).

    If particular (class of) apps require rooting / hacking / gaolbreaking, I simply find an alternative. If that alternative does not exist, I forget about it & ‘siddon look’.

    I find that the device emancipation that comes from using custom ROMs is NOT enough for me to void a warranty, or risk bricking a device..

    I am not adventurous that way!

  5. Lol @EyeBeeKay.

    Yes, flashing is not for the faint-hearted. The risk of bricking your device is not to be taken lightly. Like when I bricked my N8 last year while flashing to a Belle variant.

    One thing I believe is that, no matter how complex the steps/guidelines, I can always successfully root/hack/flash my device if others have already done it. I always take days to properly research before I attempt it, and I ALWAYS follow the instructions precisely.

  6. I suggest you continue hacking phones oh, because thats one of the ways to stay abreast of things in the mobile world. Hacking s40 is much complex than that by the way, i think its not too tasking, a primary sch certificate should do 🙂

  7. Eye_bee_kay:

    The warranty of your 5800 expired 3 years ago. That is considering you brought your phone brand new. You can even smash your phone to a wall and more people here in this site will be glad for you.

  8. The world IS really evolving.

    Imagine a glendaROBOT thai is psychic, and making an attempt at dry, abrasive and motors mirthless humor.


  9. Mr. Mobility: It would seem there is something wrong with your rss feed on this blog. I havnt received any new posts in a while on google reader and had to come down here to check for new posts.

  10. Rooting is for folks that desire adventure and can avoid the pain.

    I’m not a geek, but I’ve jailbroken and rooted a SGSII and my Nokia N8 once. Will I do it again? Yes, if it’s going to offer me superior experience with less pain.

  11. Ha!, Mr Mo considering rooting?. Okay o. Just soft bricked my Galaxy Note this sunday when i was flashing a power management “Thor” kernel but it’s fixed now after i flashed another kernel. When i got my Galaxy Note i said i wasn’t going to flash that much and so far i have kept my promise. I’ve only flashed the thing about 20 times….

  12. @Emmanuel, that must have been a lot of self control, “just 20 times”. I wonder how many times you would have flashed it if you were not restraining yourself.
    A for me, there’s no restraint at all.

    I can never resist the temptation of flashing. I just make sure I do a thorough research before flashing a strange device. To date I have flashed Android, symbian, iOS, and I have not permanently bricked any device. Once I soft bricked my N8, but with further research, I was able to fix it.

    My N8 saw several trips through Belle, pre PR 1 and Anna, before the official release of Belle (at least 5 times). Thereafter, it has been put through virtually every custom ROM around.
    My galaxy tab is less than 3 months old. I have flashed it more than 10 times both via ODIN and zip update. This afternoon afternoon, I just flashed my SGS2 with ICS 4.0.3 via ODIN (when updating through kies was always getting interrupted.
    By the way does anybody know where I can get USB jig for SGS2 locally?

  13. @austine. Not sure if its available locally. Why the need? To reset your flash counter? Are you planning taking your s2 back to Samsung?

    I am not a flash addict, but I do flash my phone when there is need for it. Just flashed the most recent nigthlies of the CM9 this past weekend. It added more notification to my lock screen and some other improvements.

  14. @Austin-I think you have to order the USB Jig. There is an app by chainfire that can remove the counter without need for the Jig. With the the latest ICS update Samsung introduced a bug for my Galaxy Note that wiped out the /emmc partition and that in turn makes the device useless or “bricked”. Even that did not stop me from flashing but recently i’ve grown to love touchwiz hence the pause in flashing. Though i still flash kernels and the sort when needed.

  15. I can’t do without flashing. @ least once a day :D. I am on CM9 unofficial nightlies and they release updates every single day. I have tried every custom ROM I can lay my hands on, even the ones in alpha states.
    I am a flashing addict 😀

  16. Super-one-click, Odin, Zeus, Prometheus all of em make me go nutter. Whenever I read XDA developer on ‘How to flash….’ I always get weak. On d other hand I flashed (nt sure if that’s d appropriate term) my Blackberry 5days after I got it and my heart started to leak when the screen went all white. Fortunately, I ws successful.

    Would rather have someone flash any future Android for me so if its bricked I know who to blame and give a black eye-LOL

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