Unlimited 4G: Both Ntel and Smile have issues

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Recently, I rejoiced over the availability of Smile UnlimitedLite in Lagos and began to consider replacing my current Ntel unlimited 4G subscription with it. Don Caprio beat me to it and got himself a Smile UnlimitedLite subscription. Let’s just say that it left a bitter taste in his mouth. His summary:

I just wasted ₦10,000. If you’ve already been considering going for this UnlimitedLite plan, get ready to surf the web at the speed of GPRS.

That right there is my sub and I am claiming it totally. Thanks for the heads-up, Don! I shall be staying away from Smile UnlimitedLite.

unlimited 4G data plan

Plus, how does a 4G LTE data plan be limited to a maximum speed of 4 Mbps? And what that means is that actual speeds in everyday use will likely max out at 2 Mbps. How in God’s name is that a thing? No; I want better speeds.

Ntel Unlimited 4G is Better, but…

My experience with Ntel Unlimited 4G is generally better except for one horrible spot – the network seems to have been stretched thin at my office region in Ikeja, Lagos. I am now getting download speeds in the range of 231 kbps, 840 kbps when at the office. Everywhere else, I get good speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 46 Mbps.

What am I to do? I need 4G speeds the most while at work. See my situation? I have tweeted at Ntel and buzzed customer care. No resolution. What is the point of unlimited 4G if it doesn’t perform like 4G at the very location that you need 4G the most? Does it matter where else it performs well? The saving grace is that I am able to get a lot of work done at home and anywhere else my roaming self finds myself within Lagos. That counts for something, but it doesn’t make working at the office any easier.

Are there any other unlimited 4G services out there that do better than these two? Because right now, this situation is close to being that of a man caught between the bright red devil and the deep blue see.


  1. Am not surprised about smile. I believe they are the first to introduce data throttling in Nigeria.

  2. SMILE is going nowhere with their expensive and non flexible data plans. Their misleading adverts don’t help either. I got their mifi 12,500 promo a while back. The data exhausted since and never going to renew with other pocket friendly alternatives out there, unless they truly become competitive.

  3. I used Smile unlimited premium for quite a while but the cost made me switch to ntel unlimited. I mean it’s half the price. But of late I have been experiencing extremely slow speeds on ntel (lower than 1mbps). I’m thinking of going back to Smile Unlimited Premium. Is the speed still maintained at 4mbps?

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