Nigerians have a thirst for data. Internet access is the new gold and there is an army of people out there with a huge demand

These are the Unlimited Data Plans available in Nigeria

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Nigerians have a thirst for data. Internet access is the new gold and there is an army of people out there with a huge demand for unlimited data plans. Once you’ve used an unlimited data plan, nothing else feels right. This post presents the unlimited data plans that are available in the country at this time. Enjoy!

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Unlimited Data Plans: Smile 4G

Smile 4G has two unlimited data plans available.

  1. Smile unlimited data plan costs N19,800 monthly. Smile’s speeds are not as good as they were two years ago, but the company still delivers some of the best speeds for consumer internet in the country. Maximum speed is 4 Mbps. The catch is that Smile throttles your usage after you cross the 60 GB mark.
  2. Smile UnlimitedLite costs N10,000 monthly. The user enjoys 4 Mbps maximum speeds till they cross the 30 GB usage point and then the speed is throttled to God-knows-wat.

Unlimited Data Plans: Ntel 4G

Ntel 4G has launched in Lagos and Abuja with speeds that range from what Smile 4G offers to sometimes 50 Mbps. Ntel is currently running a test phase and all data plans are unlimited.

Unlimited Data Plans: Spectranet 4G

Spectranet has introduced the Unlimited Gold Plan. It costs N18,000 and gives subscribers access to full only 8 Mbps speed on the Spectranet network till they hit the 100 GB usage point. From then on, the speed is throttled to a measly 512 Kbps.

Unlimited Data Plans: Visafone BlackBerry

Visafone offered an “unlimited” BlackBerry data plan for N1,000 monthly. It wasn’t exactly unlimited. There really is a 10 terabyte data cap, but no-one has been known to ever exhaust it, so hey….unlimited. It was very slow, but it served its purpose. Visafone has since been acquired by MTN and subscribers moved to MTN’s GSM platform. It is not certain whether or not MTN has kept this data plan going, but I seriously doubt it. However, even if that is not available any more, MTN has an unlimited data plan….

Update: The Visafone BlackBerry plan has since been retired.

Unlimited Data Plans: MTN 3G

MTN’s unlimited data costs 150 Naira per day. But it is not available for everyone. Apparently, you need to have a minimal usage to qualify for it. To check/subscribe dial *567*59# on your line and follow the prompts.

Do you know of any other unlimited data plans that we left out? Share in the comments section.

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