This is how to unroot Android smartphones

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There are a lot of benefits to rooting your Android smartphone. You would have complete control of your device, which is a great thing. However, you will lose the warranty on your phone if you root it. But don’t worry, when you root a device, you can still unroot it. This means returning it back to its original state. Here are two ways to unroot Android smartphones:

unroot Android

  1. Using SuperSU: IF you have SuperSU installed on your device, go to Settings, then look for the Full Unroot option and click on it. A confirmation message will appear. Tap on Continue. This will bring your device back to its original state.
  2. Using Kingroot: Open the Kingroot app and go to Settings. Click on Uninstall Kingroot . A confirmation message will appear next. Click on Continue. This will unroot your smartphone.

Note that for the process to be complete, the device will restart. So, allow it to restart on its own.

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