Is this the upcoming Android-powered Nokia smartphone?

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It is no longer news that Nokia is coming back to the smartphone space. We already know that as a fact. And the new phones will run Android OS. Recently, some images have been floating around purported to be of an Android-powered Nokia smartphone. Here they are:

Android-powered Nokia

Android-powered Nokia

Is this what the first Nokia Android-powered flagship smartphone will look like, or are these images the creation of a very imaginative and talented artist? There is only one way to tell: we wait for an official announcement from Nokia. In the meantime, we all wait with excitement.

Android-powered Nokia; made by HMD

The new Android-powered Nokia phones will be made by HMD, a new company that has been granted an exclusive global license to create Nokia-branded smartphones, tablets, and feature phones.


  1. I hope they do dual SIM phones. I’ll wait until something official is out as it’s hard to gauge anything from the couple of photos here.

  2. The images are fan made .. plus misstechy even said she did a Google search on the image and saw they go as far back as June 2015. So these pictures are nothung substantial

  3. I hope this isn’t what Nokia is working on because this doesn’t appeal to me in any way.

  4. Funny looking especially with the taped Nokia logo. That Nokia and HMD cannot have its logo imprinted on its gadget will be the greatest joke of the century.

    I’m waiting patiently for their release though, I hope they don’t disappoint, as I am a big fan.

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