Update for Video on the Nokia N8

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An update for the Nokia N8 showed up today tagged “Videos”. We do not have any official changelog yet, but info flying around says that this enables sub-titles when watching movies. The update size is 1.2MB. Screenshots below:

n8 update videos

n8 update videos2


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  1. I have installed the update and it does allow you to add subtitles to your movies. The subtitles are large ang readable. Great update from Nokia.

  2. Download subtitles from websites like subscene.com. Make sure the movie file and the subtitle file have the same name and in the same folder.

  3. Kenjnr & turboglendz, please how exactly did you perform the update?

    Each time I check for updates in my N8, I never see any available updates.

  4. Nokia has released another update for Symbian 3 devices.

    Underground works, Office editor for N8 and free 3 HD games.

    More updates to come.

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