Users of the Infinix Hot 2 are reporting that after updating their device to Android 6 Marshmallow, they started having trouble with their files. One

Before you update your Infinix Hot 2 to Android 6 Marshmallow

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Users of the Infinix Hot 2 are reporting that after updating their device to Android 6 Marshmallow, they started having trouble with their files. One user, Kay, reports that the files on his Hot 2 seem to have disappeared after the update. “I notice that it affected the pictures sent and received on WhatsApp prior to the update. The pictures are blurred out as if the folder moved,” Kay, a user, shared with me.

He recommends that users remove their SD card before installing the update to avoid files saved on it disappearing. I recommend that you backup ALL the files you have in the internal storage too.


Contacts has some issues too: Kay also reports that some contacts on the phone got messed up. A number stored with a name would call but it will display as just a number. No name.

If you have a solution to any of the issues, or have run into any other issue with the update, do share in the comments section below.

PS: Kay says that he can’t see any visual difference in the device OS/UI after updating, reminding me of my experience after updating the the Moto G to Android 6 too.

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  1. Same problem to Infinix hot 2. After updating to 6.0,I can’t find files in the storage,but something funny,there i s space consumed,but the system doesn’t account for it.I’m just wondering, will this problems be resolved? When?

  2. Reinforces my position of not rushing to do any firmware update.

    The notification for an update on my Infinix Note 2 has been sitting there for close to a week now, and I am not taking a plunge yet. Let the matyrs blaze the trail, then I can update if there are no issues **tongue**

  3. Anyone that has an idea should please help me … I can’t access my internal memory too ….i cant access photos , videos , music n others . someone please help me out

  4. Hello, have you tried installing a file manager app? Have you plugged it to a PC to see if the files will show?

  5. Guess infinite never did an in-house testing. Just a parboiled firmware that was never cooked well for the hot2.

    I pray it gets better.

  6. After updating it, its like the fone just formatted the memory & when I connected it to my laptop through usb, my laptop no see the fone which was not the case when it was on 5.1

  7. I have the same problem with my phone, update it to 6.0 marshmallow and now it more like my pics, video and music is gone thou memory space is still consumed, how the hell should I get my phone to normal, I hate to format my phone

  8. How did u do ur, because I saw the update and it restated my phone and install, I didn’t download it. So tell me how u did urs

  9. Did you have files(pictures, videos…) in the device storage ? If yes are they showing ?? Can you access data’s that were there before the update

  10. I’ve just plugged it in a PC, its showing that they are files in the phones storage but I can’t access . them .. I wish there was a space to show screen shots of it

  11. I just updated mine today and I didn’t lose any file, probably because I have all files on my memory card.

    Although I had this issue while still on lollipop and complained about it in the previous mobility post about my fone not recognizing the internal memory, even wen connected to a pc nothing showed. So I was forced to use a memory card even before camera would work.

    So I’ve been using my memory card as my main memory, even for apps and all. So after I updated to 6.0 everything remained intact. Only issue I think I’m seeing is with some contacts. It’s not displaying name wen D person calls or texts.

  12. if after updating to marshmallow and you have issues with your contacts showing just number when a call comes in, simply removed all google accounts ( in Google settings) , and then added them back after 15 minutes. it solves the problem.

    The problem first happened to folks with moto x pure after updating to marshmallow.

  13. This marshmallow update is rubbish… I regret installing the update wtihout reading reviews from here.. I pray they release another update that fix the bugs

  14. another observation, something a friend noticed is that after the update, the AT command line that allows a user change IMEI in Engineering Settings is no longer there

  15. Techie, but I heard you would be able to change imei only if you’re rooted..This update sucks,the phone now lags still waiting for the update tho..infinix don’t let me down

  16. Has anyone found a solution to how to get items on internal memory prior to update yet? i cant find all images, audio, etc even though it so=hows they occupying space. its frustrating. i didnt read this before installing. i have never had an issue with firmware upgrade so i didnt think ther’d be an isse. the tech guys at Infinix shd sort this out for us quick pls

  17. please my infinix hot 2 has guzzled over 2 gig worth of data trying to update to Marshmallow Version…. please I need a cue to stopping the update for the time being… any suggestions please save a soul

  18. Has anyone figured out the solution yet coz i have the same problem my phone memory is full yet any files that were there before the update are nowhere to be seen i really do not want to factory reset anyone?

  19. I’m deeply sorry for many of you guys having this “loss of file, data and access” from upgrade.

    Unfortunately, there is no known way to recover your data without being corrupt. However, there three options you might try.

    1. Try flashing a custom recovery, then back up your data through the custom recovery and save it in your memory card. Then make a factory reset and then restore data. (Not tested).

    2. Root your phone and download a data recovery app, might help you recover it. (Not tested).

    3. Convert your memory card to internal storage, and choose the option to move all data to your memory card in the process. Note that it completely formats the SD card. Find this option in settings, storage and USB.

    For those having problem with contact information. You might want to try going to your accounts section in settings, delete all Google account (especially the one storing your Android info), then re-add it again and sync it.

    Or if you have contact info stored on your sim, go to contacts, from the top right corner, tap the three vertical dots, import/export, then using which of the sim they are located in.

    I hope this helps.


  20. You might want to try restrict background data. This will affect all apps requiring this process though

  21. when i make calls now i cant end them. the screens stays black mostly until the other guy ends the call.
    also when screen is locked i have to press power button 4times to activate the screen. soooooo annoying.
    opening pictures in whatsapp freezes the phone 100% of the time.

  22. I’m not 100% sure this will work for those having troubles accessing your files.
    To access your files again, follow the following steps.
    1. Go to your setting screen.
    2. Go to Apps
    3. Locate the File manager app.
    3. Click on the Permissions option.
    4. Enable the “Storage” permission.

    That’s all.
    Do this for any other app that cannot access the files on your SD Card.

  23. I’ve done that before it won’t work.. But I sent a mail to their support center and they said a new update is coming soon that we should chill.if you cant just do factory reset that’s the only option

  24. So sad about this Marshmallow update. I too was a victim and still couldn’t figure out the way out. But to make the phone back to normal, i had to close my eyes and restore it back to factory default. Though i’ve lost all my files. But contacts, Whatsapp chat and my phone sms (which i backed up using SMS Backup+ all the time), are all back after the reset because they are backed-up online to my gmail. However, the phone still lags and responds slow at times. Even when you want to unlock it from the main screen.
    I checked the running processes under SETTINGS–APPS and clicking the three dots by the right to display “Show system” to find if there are any process i don’t use running in the background, but none.

  25. I heard the reason the phone doesn’t come up after pushing the power button is as a result of a new feature on marshmallow called helps to conserve power while the phone is idle

  26. The same thing happened to my phone. I am only able to access my files and folders when I switch to
    the Guest User account.

    This however stopped after I formatted the phone and lost everything because I could not even connect to the computer so as to backup. Now, I have upgraded to Mash mellow and have the challenges below; names don’t appears on receiving calls
    3.New contacts forcibly saved to Google mail
    4.power button not responsive if u lock ur phone
    5.apps hang&crash which rarely happens before

    captured from Ahmad Zanaty · Shebin al-Kom

  27. plls i bought my fone just last week i was enjoying it but all of a sudden i cant have access to it any more .i cant make call or receive a call,i cant go to d main menu or minimiz. all what i can do now is to restart all the time .please kindly help me out

  28. For contacts names not displaying for calls
    Open contacts
    Click the three dots
    Select import/export
    Export all contacts to downloads
    Go to downloads and re-import all contacts back
    Contact names should be displaying now
    That’s all.

  29. After exporting and importing…. It back, it worked pretty well…tanx man….de only problem am having now is poor sound effect….I hope if u could be of help

  30. So, it’s been over 2 months since the Marshmellow upgrade came up and mess infinix hot 2 up. Few days ago, the notification came up again and this time, I’m wondering, has early issues been fixed? Is the OS running well now? What are the issues or fun attached to it? I’m still skeptical about installing the update.

  31. This only happens when you activate “Guest Account” and when you turn it to normal account, your files get hidden. In order to access your files on memory you have to create another guest account but you can’t install any app or add music. The only solution I found for it is to restore mine. If you restore you will loose all your files, but that’s the solution. What you should avoid is activating a guest account. Don’t !

  32. Am facing same problem after updating it my numbers stored with names display as just a number.pls help me out

  33. Am facing same problem after updating it my numbers stored with names are all display as just a number.pls help me out

  34. import contacts from simcard . this will solve the contacts not showing up problem

  35. My hot2 is running on marshmallow but I just saw another update to android one. Is this not a downgrade? Should I go ahead and install?

  36. After updating the phone to Marshmallow 6 I can’t able to SMS. The notification shows 3 new SMS but while opening it’s all blank. Both SERVICE and CONVERSATION section shows nothing blank with message service conversation and conversations empty respective. Please any one has solution to this issue let me know… Thanks in advance.

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