Update on Etisalat 3GB data hack

BlackBerry Complete plus BlackBerry 9860

If reports that I am getting is anything to go by, Etisalat has plugged the hole that gave non-BlackBerry users access to 3GB of data for just N1,000 via their BlackBerry Complete subscription. If you had subscribed before the hole was plugged, you should be able to continue to enjoy your data, but it does not look like you will be able to use it at renewal. If you renew, your money will indeed be deducted, but it isn’t likely to work on a non-BlackBerry device.

Meanwhile, some mobilistas are blaming Mobility for spilling the beans, which supposedly led to Etisalat blocking this. I dunno. The info was everywhere else already anyway. It was only a matter of time.

I will miss this hack. Yes; I used it too! Again, the message seems to be: if you want to enjoy BlackBerry-style data tariffs, go get a BlackBerry smartphone. Oh, well…..

And yes; have a merry day!


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0 thoughts on “Update on Etisalat 3GB data hack

  • December 25, 2013 at 8:54 am

    I’m more interested in whether it’ll work on BB10 devices…

  • December 25, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Ajala ta n noooo! Anyways I have two Etisalat lines and I madr sure i subscribed for the hack on two lines. Still cruising anyways…….

  • December 25, 2013 at 9:09 am

    I got an Etisalat SIM a week ago, in readiness to enjoy this hack when my ongoing subscription elapsed.

    N100 wasted. Cry! .

    Well, that subscription elapsed, and I have just subscribed to the Airtel alternative.
    The Angel I know is better than the Devil I know, anyways.

  • December 25, 2013 at 9:25 am

    i told everyone I shared the protocol with that etisalat would catch on sooner rather than later. no 3 year holiday like with airtel. o well, the search goes on

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