Schm-update: Android 4 on my Samsung Tab 10.1 Part 2


Hi guys… Two weeks ago, I posted about the overblown nature of updates (lack of updates, more like!) on Android tabs.

Well, three days ago, I got this prompt that an update was available for my Samsung Gtab 10.1. It didnt say clearly whether it was ICS or not. Anyway, I clicked and downloaded the (relatively small) 245MB file.

An hour later, I had Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich running on my device!

To say that I regret running the update would be an understatement. First off, let’s be clear: there is nothing basically wrong with ICS. But since the update, I can see that the tab has slowed to a crawl. I mean, real 3rd Mainland bridge traffic crawl! I tell you, every singular action takes at least 4-5 seconds – even flipping between home screens… you flick to the left, and… wait..wait..wait.. it is horrible.

I have been online to search tech forums for advice on how to revert to my trusty HoneyComb 3.2, but nada. I am stuck with ICS, and I DONT LIKE IT!

The 2 major gripes I have are:
1. basic functionality has been impaired, seeing as my system is now tardy and slow – nothing opens in less than 5 seconds anymore, as opposed to a 1-2 second lag before.

2. even worse, BATTERY LIFE has become terrible! Peeps, I used to run my Gtab for a whole day i.e. from 100% in the morning, I use it at work and at meetings and often get back home in the evening with 30% power. With the ICS update, the Gtab doesn’t last past 6pm. That means that I have to carry a power cord around with me for charging on the move.

To cut a long story short, ICS is good, quite impressive as per technical features (I love the ability to close running tasks by just swiping), but its clear that the Tegra2 dual-core on the GTAB is no match for the obviously more resource-hungry ICS 4.0.

Based on my experience, my advice is that if you get the prompt on your phone or tablet, abeg leave am o!

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