Personally, I am tired of the brouhaha surrounding this update (or is it lack of updates!) on Android. So many websites (foreign, I might add)

Update Schm-update!

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Personally, I am tired of the brouhaha surrounding this update (or is it lack of updates!) on Android. So many websites (foreign, I might add) are ablaze with complaints about the fact that Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t running on most Android tablets. I wonder what the noise is all about.


I use a trusty Galaxy Tab 10.1 device, which was released with Honeycomb 3.1 and later updated to 3.2 over-the-air. Anyhow, twelve months down the line, I can totally say that I HAVE NOT MISSED NOT HAVING ANY UPDATE OF ANY SORT – especially to ICS! Honestly, my gTAB has now replaced both my laptop and desktop, thanks to Android’s ability to use keyboards, mice and virtually every other USB peripheral. I open my Office documents easily, surf the Web, do email, pay tons of games, read ebooks… You Name It.

So, what’s with all the update schmupdate! Truth be told, I cannot even begin to bother myself about any update whatsoever.

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  1. Well, to some folks, it matters so much like Apple fans, if not for any other thing, the bragging right of how Apple cares so much for its consumers, even though each update still leaves their devices as locked down as ever or even worse in some cases.

    And yes, I wouldn’t mind my device being updated to the latest version of Android but I know it is not going to happen and I’m not complaining. I didn’t buy the phone for the features I’m going to get through updates, but rather for the advertised features at the time of purchase and of course those that will be added through third party apps.

  2. Bros, all I can say is what when you eventually get ICS on your tablet, you would know what you have been missing.

  3. I think the update thing is usually blown out of proportion. The apps would work regardless so just enjoy your phone, most times the update makes the phone less usable like losing more RAM to start up programs.
    But all the same i can’t wait to get jelly bean on my galaxy s2

  4. Update! Update!! Update!!!

    I have only ever witnessed one major change when updating my mobile device and that was with my blackberry; OS 5 to OS 6. Now that’s what I want in an update. Major league changes. Froyo to Gingerbread, didn’t notice anything different; an ICS Rom
    wasn’t so different either. Upgrading my firmware in my last Nokia device even made the battery suck more.

    So save the update brings something awesome, I’ll humbly remain uninterested. BB 10 on my mind

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