Upgrading to Windows Office Mobile 2010 on the LG GW550

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With the announcement of Windows Phone 7, there are those who have deliberately shied away from Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. Never mind that Microsoft had announced that WM 6.5 would continue to be supported.

Anyway, with the announcement of Office Mobile 2010 suite for WM 6.5 devices, Microsoft has put their resources where their mouth is.

I had boxed back and shelved my new LG GW550 Windowsphone a while ago, waiting for who would buy it (it is still available for sale). After Microsoft’s announcement yesterday, I decided that I would find the time to try out the Office Mobile 2010 upgrade on the LG.

So I re-unboxed it, put in a data-enabled SIM and launched Windows Marketplace for Mobile on the device. Let’s walk through the process with the screenshots I took; shall we?

Windows MarketPlace displaying Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 notice
Read full details and press Install button
Download and installation in progress
Download and installation in progress
You need to restart your smartphone
There you are - Microsoft Word Mobile 2010
All four Office Mobile apps - Excel Mobile, OneNote Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, andWord Mobile

The download and installation was flawless and didn’t take more than 10 minutes on a slow 3G connection.

Just as Microsoft claims – their latest Office editing suite is available for Windows mobile 6.5 devices, as demonstrated on the LG GW550. If you have a WM 6.5 smartphone, go right ahead and download your free upgrade.

Meanwhile, my GW550 is back in its box on a shelf, awaiting its new owner.


  1. I use anabelmobile but it kind of boreing because I can’t find the application on net or anywhere e.g facebook downloads,ebuddy,yahoomessanger most important of all antivirus these are little things I want on my phone…..please help me its too beautiful to be worthless…thanks

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