US Court delivers fresh ruling for Apple against Samsung

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Perhaps the greatest smartphone war ever is that between Apple and Samsung. Years ago, Apple dragged Samsung to court over patent issues. In May 2014, Samsung was “found to have infringed its patents for the slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features”. That ruling won Apple a $119.6 million jury verdict against Samsung, but the court refrained from ordering that Samsung stops sales of its mobile products in the US.

According to a Bloomberg report, a new ruling may change that:

A U.S. appeals court said Apple was entitled to a narrow order that prevents the Korean device maker from using Apple’s slide-to-unlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features. Ruling otherwise would eliminate patent rights of inventors of certain features in multicomponent devices, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington said in an opinion posted on its electronic docket.

The ruling applies to older devices, as the current crop of devices did not exist then, so chances are that this new ruling won’t impact heavily on the Korean brand.

Apple versus Samsung


  1. Seriously,doesn’t this Lawsuits get old,Apple should be ashamed of themselves,with all the rip-offs they have been on recently against Google and co one would have expected them to chill,talk of Hypocrisy..

  2. I’m curious, how big is the market in the USA for those Samsung devices that infringed the copyright? I think this has been deliberately dragged out to the point that the sale of those devices won’t affect Samsung’s market.

  3. Well, isn’t that the job of brilliant lawyers… To weaken Plaintiff’s blow…if at all they know they wont win?

  4. Even when they made the initial decision, the devices were already on decline. So this is just for show. The lawyers are the only winners here.

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