US Defense Personnel forced to drop Apple and Android devices for legacy BlackBerrys

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RapidMobile reports that the United States Defense Department is building a new mobile device management system to monitor government-issued consumer smartphones on military networks, and that during the transition, personnel using Android and iOS devices will have to switch to the BlackBerry 9930 or do without access. The Defense department is migrating from Good Mobile Messaging to a new system by Fixmo.

The Pentagon had allegedly attempted to get personnel off BlackBerry, but a revent internal mail is reported to have stated:

“DISA will support BlackBerry devices with the existing [Blackberry Enterprise Server]. During the transition period, DISA is not provisioning new iOS/Android users on the existing server,” Pentagon spokesman Damien Pickart said in an email. “We are delaying provisioning of those devices until the [mobile device management] environment is ready in Jan 2014. We will provision new devices as rapidly as possible starting in January 2014.”

More from the Rapidmobile article:

Some defense contract analysts say the more popular commercial devices may not meet battlefield security standards.

According to DISA approval documents, only BlackBerry phones and Playbook tablets have an “authority to operate,” or ATO, on Defense networks — not Android, Apple or any other device lines.

Read the full article: Pentagon dropping iPhone and Android, forcing some to return to BlackBerry legacy devices.

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