You may have heard about the warnings that the heads of six US security agencies, including the FBI, CIA and NSA, issued against Huawei and

What evidence do US intelligence agencies have against Huawei?

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You may have heard about the warnings that the heads of six US security agencies, including the FBI, CIA and NSA, issued against Huawei and ZTE smartphones. They have alleged that both brands of smartphones are tools of surveillance by Chinese authorities.

What I find interesting is how none of these agencies has put pushed any evidence to buttress these warnings. I can imagine that electronic surveillance via cell phones should be the easiest thing for the CIA or NSA to prove.

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What these agencies should do is run a couple of Huawei smartphones through several tests and bingo! I mean, ethical hackers and researchers uncover secret data transmissions from smartphone models from time to time. Why have these agencies been unable to provide any proof against Huawei and ZTE?

All they have tendered till date is that they are worried about the brand’s ties to the Chinese government. Huawei was founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, a former engineer in China’s People’s Liberation Army. Huawei is also a military and government contractor in China.

One has to wonder about it. And I am especially wondering about it now because it looks like Huawei is making some really superb smartphones. Just look at the new P20 line-up. Dont forget the Mate 10 line-up too. Absolutely fabulous phones, all of them.

Huawei’s US Carrier Deals Gone Sour

Huawei had deals to start selling it’s sartphones through US carriers like AT&T and Verizon, but due to pressure from the US government, those carriers backed off in January 2018.

Yet, they are not likely to sell on significant numbers in the USA, and consequently Canada and even the UK. You know the connection.

Meanwhile, Huawei Mobile Nigeria

While we are in the subject of Huawei smartphones, what the blistering barnacles is wrong with Huawei Mobile in Nigeria? The brand sells truckloads of smartphones around the world (Huawei is currently number 3 globally), yet have had a history of abysmal presence and performance in Nigeria.

My personal experience tells me the phones are great but that the problem is with the team behind the products. I won’t go into any more details about how I believe that Huawei has bungled things in Nigeria. It is such a shame though that the brand has missed opportunities this way.

Back to Huawei In America

So, back to Huawei’s travails in the USA, for now, the Chinese mobile brand is unable to sell its devices through carriers, which is the most effective way of addressing the US market.

Meanwhile, here are a few closing thoughts.

If you were running the Chinese spy aparatus, would you run them through a corporation that could so easily be identified with you – one like Huawei – or would you run them through a more discrete brand? Considering that most smartphones sold in the US are made in China, what’s to stop Chinese spies from infiltrating those operations?

One thing is clear though: if Huawei gets a break into the US market, it can easily power up to beat both Samsung and Apple and take the number one spot. Perhaps that is where the answer to the riddle is.

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  1. The case between US and Huawei is becoming like unending story. I thought this issue most have been solved by now, because I red about it some months ago, but things still remains the same. I hope the two parties can work things out between them.

  2. Exactly….

    You av given us the biggest irony to this problem.

    All if not most of electronic and large percent of USA imports are made in China.

    Companies in America have most of their production lines in China.

    Cheap Chinese labour and lower production costs are the reason for this.

    So what are we saying.

    In fact China is the biggest lender to the United States as of today.

    So, I’m guessing if China wanted to harm America, using Phone manufacturers is a pretty simplistic way of doing it.

    USA the paranoia state

  3. Just as you have postulated, we need more evidence to backup such claims. However, in the main time we keep our fingers crossed.

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