USAMS Joe leather case for Samsung S9 Plus review

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USAMS Joe leather case for Samsung S9 Plus offers simple and fashionable protection for this delicate premium, glass-covered smartphone. Mister Mobility reviews it.

I am not exactly a phone case person. I like beautiful phones and do not think that their beauty should be hidden. So, for the most part, I use my phones naked. Modern smartphones, however, keep getting more and more delicate. For some reason, we have had glass covered smartphones forced on us as the defacto standard for premium, which is why every high end smartphone in the market has glass all over.

Glass means fragile, and glass means slippery. Which is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is. And because it is a large phone, it makes handling it even trickier.

Anyway, by a chance event, I got my hands on the USAMS Joe leather case for Samsung S9 Plus and though to play with it a bit. The manufacter calls it “Simple, fashionable protection”. After trying it out on my S9 Plus, I am inclined to agree.

Review of USAMS Joe leather case for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

I like the fact that the USAMS Joe leather case for Samsung S9 Plus has cut-outs that keeps parts of the phone visible. As said before, there is no point hiding a work of beauty. Cut-outs exist at the bottom edge and both sides.

How does it feel in the hand? The leather case feels very good, and it is also lightweight. On the whole, it does not feel like any extra bulk has been added to the Galaxy S9 Plus, which is how I like it. It is already a big phone afterall.

Does the case protect the phone? I am hoping so. I still haven’t dropped it yet, and I have no plans to. But I can tell you that when I hold the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in my hand now, I do not have that dread of it dropping and going SPLAT on the floor.

Hopefully, the USAMS Joe leather case will come through for me should that dreaded drop ever happen. Enjoy a few pictures of the leather case below.

USAMS Joe leather case for Samsung S9 Plus Photos

Before now, I do not recall ever hearing of USAMS. so this looks like my first encounter with a product of theirs. It has been a good encounter so far. Is this case going to make a convert out of me?

Maybe. I am counting down to 50 already and probably more prone to dozing off phone in hand. LOL. A beautiful case like this might help me keep a balance between keeping my smartphone fashionable and protected at the same time. Wish me luck.

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