This USB cable will work for both Android and iOS devices

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People that own multiple devices sometimes have a problem of carrying multiple USB cables. You might leave home carrying the cable for your Samsung, and forget the one for your iPhone. Yea ! we know how frustrating it gets. An Australian based startup has come up with a solution called LMcable, that does justice to this problem. LM-cable

The LMcable is a combination of Apple’s lightning cable, and Android’s micro USB v2.0 cable. What this means in essence is that, this cable can charge both your iPhone/iPod/iPad and your Android. The top side charges your iDevice, while you turn it upside down to charge your Android phone.



The cable also supports fast data transfer and 2.4 A fast charging. That’s not all, it was also made to be tangle free. You can find out more about the LMcable on their KickStarter page.

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