USB Host comes to Android with Honeycomb 3.1

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Google has announced Android 3.1 also named Honeycomb as it only represents a minor upgrade over 3.0. One of the most outstanding additions to the Android OS with this release is USB Host mode. This will allow Android smartphone users to plug in and use USB drives and other USB peripherals with their devices.

Other features that come with Android 3.1 include:

  • expanding resizable widgets
  • Andriod devices can become USB host
  • Facial detection with camera. So, in a case of multiple video chats, the speaker focuses on who’s talking

Full details of Android 3.1 features are available on the Android Developers website.


  1. Android is still continuing it’s relentless march to world domination. What used to be the turf and prerogative of Nokia and Symbian is now being insidiously invaded by Android. It’s just like the Lord of the Rings. I believe Android has the one Ring, the last joker to rule them All!

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