You might have seen the term Microsoft Exchange in specifications of a number of mobiles and wondered what it is and what is special about

Use Microsoft Exchange to Sync your Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar

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Microsoft Exchange

You might have seen the term Microsoft Exchange in specifications of a number of mobiles and wondered what it is and what is special about it. I was contacted yesterday by someone who asked me, “What is this Email Exchange for, and who is it meant for?

Microsoft Exchange provides wireless synchronization of email, calendar, and contacts. As such, if you use Google Contacts and Calendars along with your Gmail account and want to have everything sync on your non-Android smartphone, the way to go is via Microsoft Exchange. That’s what it is for.

I specifically said “non-Android” smartphones, because Android smartphone users need not worry about setting this up. All that is required is to enter Gmail login credentials, and Gmail, contacts and calendar are synchronised on the device.

Other Mobile Platforms
If you use Nokia Belle and Apple iPhones, for example, you need to bear in mind that should you want to synchronise your suit of Google services, do NOT choose “Gmail” when setting up your email. Pick “Mail for Exchange” or “Microsoft Exchange” instead. Then enter the following details:

  • Email: enter your full Google Account email address
  • Username: Your full Google email address, e.g. or Google domain email e.g.
  • Password: Your Google Account password
  • Domain: leave blank
  • Exchange Server (or just “Server”):
  • Port (this may not be there on some mobiles): 443
  • Secure Connection (this may not be there on some mobiles): Yes

Enable Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
Enable any of the services that you want to sync: mail, calendar, and contacts. You can play with any other settings to suit your requirements, but the above are the basics to getting your Google services synchronising on your device. That’s what Microsoft Server or Mail For Exchange is there for in your mobile email setup.

That’s It!
I have used the above information to setup Google Sync with my smartphones for years, so that I always have my Gmail, Contacts and Calendar with me always. Give it a try, then master it, and share with others.

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  1. Tunde,

    By default, BlackBerry (at least OS7; not sure about older versions) syncs your contacts and calendars along with your mail if you enter a Gmail/Google email address.

  2. Thanks so much Mr Mo for this post. Ever since I started using smartphone back in June 2011, I always wonder what this exchage is meant for. This post has educated me and I have setup mine on my N8.
    I. Have downloaded many reviews of the 808 on my system. With the arrival of your 808, I am waiting for the final review of by a Nigerian as I wait anxiously to the appointed time when I will upgrade to the king and last of symbian power horse.

  3. Contacts and calendar synchronisation works with BlackBerry OS6 devices too. I’m able to sync my S40 device contact data with my BlackBerry

  4. Thanks for this. Made me wake up and try my hand at stuff again…

    I was finally able to get my Nokia E6 to sync with Google Contacts by creating a new mailbox of type Exchange ActiveSync (It’s the replacement for Mail for Exchange).

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