How to use the new GLO data plans on your BlackBerry 10

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We already know that GLO launched new cheap data plans. If you never knew of these new Glo data plans, sorry. *Hands you LASTMA badge* :mrgreen: I’ve been getting complains from people. The question is: Will this plan work on a BlackBerry 10 phone? My Response: IT WORKS!! But here’s what you need to do first.

new GLO data plans

Settings for the newdata plans

To use the new GLO data plans on your BlackBerry 10 phone, follow these steps on the device:

  • Go to Settings >> Networks and Connections >> Mobile Network.
  • Tap on APN  (the lower part of the screen)
  • Change the Access Point Name(APN) to gloflat
  • Change User name & Password to flat
  • Click on Save
  • That’s all.

Hence forth, the new GLO data plans will work on your BlackBerry 10 phone. If it doesn’t, your village people are probably responsible 😀


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