How To Use Two Accounts On Your Phone

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There are some apps that allow you to login to use two accounts at the same time. Such apps include: Twitter and Instagram. But there are many others that do not offer this ability. Yet, it is probably something that many of us have wished for at one point in time or the other. Here is an easy way to run multiple accounts on your smartphone. It requires no rooting or complicated processes.

How To Use Two Accounts On Your Phone

Multiple Accounts is an app that lets users use two accounts of one app at the same time. Just download the Multiple Accounts app, install, and follow these steps:
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  1. Open Multiple Accounts
  2. Tap the + button to add apps that you want to run multiple accounts for
  3. Return to the main page of the app and set up each of the accounts that you want.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. Or two BBM accounts, or two Facebook accounts. Enjoy.


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