Users Ignorant of Windows Mobile and Symbian Brands

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A Smartphone Satisfaction Survey conducted by the CFI Group reveals that many Windows Mobile and Symbian phone users have no idea of what Operating System runs on their phones, compared to Android, Pre and iPhone users.

Here are a few nuggets from the survey:

While Android users know they have phone on the Android platform, most Windows Mobile or Symbian users have no idea what operating system is running their phone. This lack of branding and awareness can only hurt the generic smartphone. [Page 18]

With Windows Mobile and Symbian classified as “generic” or “anonymous” smartphones because of the lack of brand awareness, CFI further states the following about such devices:

  1. There’s clearly no love for the ‘anonymous’ smartphone
  2. CSI is 66, and Likelihood to Recommend is 63, by far the lowest across phone types
  3. On feature after feature, the scores are the lowest – the generic ‘Other’ smartphone does nothing particularly well
  4. While, like with BlackBerry, owners of newer ‘Other’ smartphones have a higher CSI (69 for those who got their phone in the past 6 months), the low customer satisfaction engendered by these phones is not good news for the Symbian or Windows Mobile platform, or the providers who emphasize these phones

[Page 18]

The statement that generic smartphones like Windows Mobile and Symbian do nothing particularly well is a low blow. And it is not necesarilly true. For example, Symbian smartphones still have the best cameras in the smartphone world. Windows Mobile has the best phone-PC synchronisation too.

Other Revelations from the Survey

Surfing the web is a much more positive experience among users of the
newer smartphones (iPhone, Android, and Pre all score in the 80’s; the other phones score 71 or below). [Page 17]

The survey may not be exactly totally accurate, as it involved just about a thousand respondents. Still, it is interesting read.

Download a PDF copy of the survey here.

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