Users of Google Chrome mobile version rises to 400 million

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Google executive Darin Fisher has revealed to the attendees of the Chrome Dev Summit, that the mobile version of Google Chrome has hit 400 million users. This is a significant increase to what they had as at June this year which stood at 300 million .

Google actually added new features to the Chrome Browser, which includes New look Material Design, Improved browsing security, data compression, and other nifty features.

If your Android phone is less than 1GB RAM, please run away from this app. Asides that, download and enjoy.



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  1. The Data Consumption Rate Is What Is Making Me Run Away From This.

    The Compression Rate Is A Max Of 50 Percent, Which Is A Far Cry From What Opera Mini And Ucbrowser Offer (above 90 Percent And Would Make Chrome Very Slow On Very Slow Networks.
    Using Opera Max On Android With It Does Not Solve The Problem.

    If The Compression Mode Would Do Compression At The Opera Mini Level, It Would See Even More Adoption (from The Third World With The Twin Problems Of Expensive Data And Slow Networks. )

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