It turns out that Microsoft’s first branded smartphone, the Lumia 535, is turning out to be something of a hit. It is a 5-inch display,

What users are saying about Microsoft Lumia 535

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It turns out that Microsoft’s first branded smartphone, the Lumia 535, is turning out to be something of a hit.

It is a 5-inch display, quad-core processor device with 1GB RAM, microSD slot, 5 megapixel cameras front and back, and runs Windows Phone 8.1 Denim.

Veteran mobilista, Olusola Osibeluwo, got himself one and has this to say:

I just got the #lumia535 yesterday and been up with praises for Microsoft . This is a great low range device. I don’t think any Android phone in its price range comes close. I took some pictures in the dark with this device and I was so surprised at the images. My note 3 has been resting since yesterday .

And from Jesse Oguntimehin, who purchased his from an online store:

I’m amazed that I’m enjoying this Lumia 535. Appears to be more usable than the Lumia 630.

To which I added:

The Lumia 535 has more RAM, larger display and newer OS version than the 630. Usability boosts…

And it costs less than the 630. Consider that I thought the 630 was amazing when it hit the market and you can imagine how much value the 535 really is.

Microsoft Lumia 535

Latiff Cherono says:

The Lumia 535 brings mid-range features including a 5 inch qHD screen, a front facing 5 MP selfie camera and a 5 MP rear camera with flash at a price tier that has often made do with little frills. With the latest version of Windows Phone, this device offers an experience that its competitors can only provide at a much higher price point.

Have you purchased or handled a Lumia 535? Has your experience with it been any different from the above? You tell us.


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  1. 1905mah battery on a 5inch phone ? No thanks. I rather use a chiness phone with huge battery that can tolerate my power drain. Windows phone at budget range just doesn’t cut it for most tech people.

  2. this is the Windows (for) Phone device a lot of people have been waiting for. the price and specs are just about right, for an upgrade on the 520 or for anyone who wants to take a plunge and try WP

  3. Firstly, the lumia 535 is sleeky and nice to behold…..but am not impressed by the way it does its downloading….I dont know if its a windows thing but whenever I try to download something and my screen locks, my download stops….thats so anoying….this means my phone cant download in lockscreen mode….something android does with ease…..

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