Using 3G/HSDPA on GloMobile

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If you have a GloMobile line and have been having problems getting a steady connection via 3G/HSDPA, here’s a bit of info you need to note.

Most 3G handsets are set to ‘Dual Mode’ by default. This means that the phone switches between the regular 2G network and the 3G network depending on the conditions on ground.

For some reason, Glomobile 3G internet access is pretty unstable when your phone is set to Dual Mode. Glo 3G internet works much better when you set your phone to 3G or UMTS mode alone.

How to do this? In your Nokia phone menu, go to: Settings -> Phone -> Network -> Network Mode. Select ‘UMTS’ or ‘3G’. These tags and the menu layout vary from across different manufacturers, so you may need to consult your manual.

Barring other circumstances, once set to UMTS or 3G only, you’ll enjoy a more stable Glo 3G internet connection.

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