I recently started using a Blackberry 9320 recently and prior to that I was using two Samsung devices. One was the Samsung Galaxy Note and

Using a physical QWERTY keyboard

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Qwerty blackberry

I recently started using a Blackberry 9320 recently and prior to that I was using two Samsung devices. One was the Samsung Galaxy Note and the other was a Samsung Ch@t C3222 which is a dual SIM QWERTY feature phone.

The Galaxy Note was my main device until I got the Ch@t C3222 device from my sister. It also has a physical keyboard and it took a long time before I could get accustomed to it. About a week later I got the Blackberry device which I have been using as my primary Smartphone and using it has been a bitter sweet experience.

I love the always on connectivity but coming from a history of using full touch screen devices, my thumbs hurt – a lot. I am composing this post on my Blackberry device and my thumbs hurt with each keystroke that I type.

Adjusting to real physical keys have been very difficult for me. If you currently use a device with a physical keyboard how is that going for you? Do your thumbs hurt like mine anytime you have to hammer out some text?

  1. I know some blackberry models have harder keyboards that require more effort. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced any.

    I used physical keyboard for more than 5 years before I used a touchscreen. I don’t remember how the transition went, but now I am comfortable with either.

    The form factor I want to experience, that fuses both touchscreen and physical keyboard together, is that of the Dell Venue Pro.

  2. My thumbs hurt with each keystroke that I type.

    I also face that too. I use a Nokia 5230 as my primary device but it’s broken at the moment. I hurts my fingers when I try to type on any other cellphone which isn’t touch enabled. I even get carried away sometimes and start to hit the screen of my Nokia 103.

    Please don’t think I’m going crazy if you see me on the street tomorrow hitting the screen of a non-touch device. I’m in my own world. Just pretend you didn’t see that. 😀

  3. its a little strange to hear someone say they are having issues with using a physical qwerty keyboard cos they are so used to a touch screen. Its usually the other way around. I enjoy typing on my curve 9300 way more than I do on my android device or Playbook. Swype on android does help but it still isn’t as effective as a physical keyboard.

  4. This is not my experience, though this could be because, even after acquiring my Android touchscreen smartphone, I have always had a feature phone with a physical keypad or QWERTY input system. And yet again, all I do on those phones is make calls and occasionally send text messages through them.

    Any other thing that is character input intensive would be a waste of time on those devices except it is occasioned by need rather than choice.

  5. but coming from a history of using full touch screen devices, my thumbs hurt; a lot.

    ….lol **falls of armchair in apoplectic laughter ***

    I understand. it took me some time for the blisters / calluses on my thumbs to disappear, after my stint with the Nokia 3250 (a thumb_busting device!)

    thank God I got delivered from the age of dinosaurs!

    @Emmanuel, just persist with the torturous QWERTY. you hear? your thumbs will develop extra cutaneous layers, and they will stop hurting in time 😉

  6. To reduce the thickness of those calluses, hardware QWERTY users may have a look at QuickWrite English . An app like this would save their keyboard from wear and tear. And yes, their THUMBS.. I feel an app like that should come preloaded on ANY physical QWERTY smartphone..

  7. same happened to me too when i broke my 5230, hitting the screen of a non-touch device

  8. it is vise versa,use physical qwerty for a long time it will be difficult to use a touch screen device .it will need some getting use to

  9. Physical keyboards have suddenly become impossible for me.I have used them well in the past. Trying them again now is usually difficult. I try as much as possible not to have to use my wife’s blackberry bold. It just doesn’t go well for me typing on it compared to her. I am faster and more productive with my touch screens.

  10. I just bought the blackberry 9320 and I think your assesment is correct. The keys are quite hard but I must confess that iam enjoying the navigation touch pad and its smartness compared to my nokiac3 which I sold off

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