Mister Mo took Sisi, the CowryWise Bot for a spin. Is it just another fancy toy to play with or does it offer real functional

My experience using CowryWise Bot to manage my savings

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Mister Mo took Sisi, the CowryWise Bot for a spin. Is it just another fancy toy to play with or does it offer real functional value? Here is what he found.

I do not know about you, but managing personal funds can be tedious. It is for me. Saving especially is a tricky one. Saving in the middle of little can be tough, but it has to be done. You know that saying about being faithful with little… As such, every time I come across a tool that offers to help me do it, I give it a try.

CowryWise is a financial product that offers to not just automate your savings, but also help you grow it. It is a web-based product and is very mobile-friendly. I use it almost exclusively on mobile. Recently, I found that there exists a CowryWise Bot. The idea is that a dedicated app is not needed if the service can be used in an app that you use almost everyday – Facebook Messenger.

I was intrigued. I have played with a number of bots that didn’t really deliver on their promises. How would CowryWise Bot work?

Meet Sisi, the CowryWise Bot

I headed to the CowryWise Facebook page and initiated a chat. The CowryWise Bot introduced itself as “Sisi”, a Yoruba word for lady or babe, and offered to get me started. She offered options to signup for a new CowryWise account, verify an existing account, or just learn more about the service.

Sisi - CowryWise Bot

Since I was already familiar with the service and had an existing account, I opted to verify my account so I could manage it via Sisi. The verification was via email and I got my code in a jiffy. Once verified, I was able to interact with my CowryWise account using the bot. Right from inside Facebook Messenger (whether on mobile or on PC), I am able to:

  1. Save money in my CowryWise savings account;
  2. Check my account balance;
  3. Get a brief breakdown of how much I have saved, withdrawn and have left in the account;
  4. See how much returns I have earned on my savings;
  5. View my list of savings plans (CowryWise lets you setup multiple savings plans e.g. one for children’s school fees, one for settling outstanding debts, one for house rent).

I like the versatility that CowryWise offers me. It is impressive. Plus, my savings get a 10% per annum interest and get to withdraw my funds at anytime without a penalty. Personally, I am tired of apps clogging up my smartphone, so being able to save and manage my account right from inside Facebook Messenger is a brilliant idea.

It all works well. It has been a very nice and convenient experience. At this point, I hardly ever need to fire up the CowryWise website on my smartphone or website. I find the CowryWise Bot to be a very convenient tool.


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