Have you run into that crazy commercially motorcyclist that has a passenger behind him and is making a phone call while in motion? Oh; you

Using mobile phones on two wheels

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Have you run into that crazy commercially motorcyclist that has a passenger behind him and is making a phone call while in motion? Oh; you have – and you thought you had seen everything?

While the motorcyclist who is on a call is playing a dangerous game, at least his eyes are on the road ahead, though his mind is distracted. Here’s one up that:

I have seen a commercial motorcyclist with a passenger behind him, reading a text message at 50 kilometres per hour at 8pm. Reading a text message means that both his eyes and mind are not on the road. It is also pitch darkness.

It is dangerous enough for someone driving a four-wheel vehicle to be reading a text message in motion. How much more someone driving a two-wheel contraption. That’s like having a death wish.

By the way, unless you have seen a commercial motorcylcist with a passenger eating Amala and Ewedu soup at 50 kilometres per hour in pitch darkness, I’m not sure that you can beat that.

  1. I had such an encounter last year, while on my way to work. I had just boarded the cycle and we were on our way, when the cyclist’s phone rang and he brought it out to answer it. I immediately told him to cut the call or I would come down. He ignored me, so i just jumped off the bike and left the road. Luckily the traffic on the road at the time was light and there were no cars close to us. Also, he had reduced his speed to concentrate on the call.

  2. Oh that’s craziness alright but I think the passenger behind the okada is as crazy or simply stupid.

  3. Driving / riding for the most part is second nature once you have got the hang of it.

    But it would be foolish to imagine that it is SAFE to use our mobile phones while driving.

    PSYCHOLOGY tells us that the human mind is incapable of concentrating on multiple things simultaneously. It can only rapidly switch, like computing devices, from one to the other.

    Even using handsfree is not foolproof. if you receive a traumatic message while driving, you may be distracted enough to become an accident waiting to happen. It has happened to me, and I have been driving, accident_free, for two decades.

    It is wise to put your phone on SILENT while riding/driving.

    You can automate this process with the right software (Such as MacroDroid, AutomateIt or Tasker ~ for Android).

    Unless you have a peculiar job profile where you must attend to all calls + sms IMMEDIATELY, remember that MOST calls can WAIT until an appropriate time.

    Life has no duplicate!

  4. I as a passenger have a strict no sms on a bike, i gotta be on the lookout for things the cyclist might ignore. My life is on the line too

  5. Most of those okada guys tend to look “out of it” most of the time, so reading a text whilst going 50km an hour doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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