Camscanner for Android is an Online Document Scanner

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If you need an app that you can use to scan documents, CamScanner’s online capabilities make it stand out as a document scanner for mobile devices.

Our phones are gradually replacing tools we use for our daily life activities. The current crop of smartphones even go the extra mile in fulfilling these needs. Phones have replaced, calculators, Alarm clocks, Diaries, Organizers, MP3/MP4 Players, Compasses (to some extent) digital cameras and many other titbits.

Camscanner is an app that lets you use your Android smartphone as a Document Scanner. It works with the phone’s camera to scan documents.

Looking at how we can use our phones as a Document scanner, this concept has been out for a while now. Personally, I’ve doubted its effectiveness, citing questions like. “How can it be possible for a phone’s camera be able to scan documents? How clear will the document appear after the scanning?”

Introducing Camscanner

There are many apps that serve the purpose of scanning with your camera. We used CamScanner to test it out. The first screen that appears after launching the app points you to start the camera and get started.

After capturing the document, you have options to adjust it accordingly. Then after adjusting, there are choices on how clear or readable you want the document to be.

Camscanner Online document scanner

CamScanner Online Feature

Creating a Camscanner account and logging in gives you access to Camscanner’s online capabilities. Your scanned documents get saved to the cloud and synced across your devices. That way, when you change phones, you do not lose your documents.

There are still many other features this specific app boasts of – like the ability to email the document to yourself, OCR feature – for reading text in images, ability to merge files, lock files etc.

The end product of the scanned document was impressive, so we can say our smartphones can also serve us as our Document scanner. There are also versions of Cam Scanner available for iOs and Windows Phone 8 users.


  1. This (CamScanner) for me has been what I’ve used to scan documents since 2013 thereby replacing the need for the traditional desktop scanner. As long as I’m online on my Android phablet, I’m good to go.

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