In all probability, you carry two connected smartphones. I see people like you every day. Sometimes, I run into those who carry more than two.

Using two connected smartphones in Arkham Asylum

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In all probability, you carry two connected smartphones. I see people like you every day. Sometimes, I run into those who carry more than two. I think those ones are a really special case well beyond the scope of this article. I know why you carry those two smartphones and run two different mobile internet connections on them simultaneously. Our networks, no? They mess with you too much. You learnt the hard way that just because you haven’t received any email alerts all day does not mean that you didn’t have email. Some times, it is your mobile internet provider messing with you. So, you carry two smartphones. Two connected smartphones. Still, I really think that it is madness to do that. Or if it didn’t start out with madness, that might as well be the end result. Let me explain.

Two smartphones implies two SIMs from different networks. That means two different mobile internet subscriptions. Of course, you carry two because you don’t want to be at the mercy of only one provider. Or maybe not. I understand that in some cases, it is just for the swag. It is your way of telling your business prospects that you are financially capable and can be trusted with millions of Naira. We will address that in another article. For now, I am interested in those who carry two smartphones for the sake of expediency.

Double Double

On both smartphones, you have your services synchronising – contacts, calendars, email accounts, notes, social media accounts and more. For one, you are burning data at both ends for duplicate services. But I am sure that you also know what that also means? You get dual notifications too. An incoming mail? A beep on smartphone A and another beep on smartphone B. A Twitter mention or Facebook comment? Beep here. Beep there. Everything na double double…

Double… Split!

Sometimes, you respond to email on this phone, and at other times on the other. Your life is a daze of phone swaps. I think that is a pretty good picture of asylum life. Sadly, that describes many smartphone users in Nigeria. I feel for you. Gradually, you might end up with a bad case of split personality. No; there is no research to back that up. I made it up just now. Still, we can commission a research if you want. After all, anyone can make research results lean in whatever direction they want. Or I might just be right, and you are gradually becoming the Joker or Two Face.

Split personality or not though, I don’t know how anyone bears the multiple beeps and the constant switching. I call it madness. Welcome to Gotham. Scratch that; Welcome to Arkham.


  1. i am the warden at Arkham MoboAsylum and i would like to welcome over half of Mobility readers into their respective cells. Oya! Move it

    I have 3 phones; A Samsung Galaxy 4G, A Blackberry Torch and my 6years old Nokia (Got rid of the Nexus 7 recently, need to get rid of 1 more device). Its so annoying having to log 3 devices around.
    My BB handles internet activities, My android handles games and my books my Nokia handles office calls.

    Thinking of getting a dual-sim android device pretty soon.

  2. Lool, mister mobility, you hit the nail on the head. But not necessarily true with the double double thing for everyone. I use a nokia pureview and q10 but only the q10 is/stays connected on the go. The pureview is just my media player. As a matter of fact,i no longer make calls on the pureview because mtn is really the most useless network out there today. It’s just there as a backup and also because, the pureview battery lasts thrice the duration of this damn q10.
    And this brings me to a new topic you might want to consider writing about Mr Mo…I think no matter how hard BlackBerry tries, their battery will never last up to a day.

  3. There are people who carry two smartphones but in terms of data, they are mostly never connected simultaneously. Some networks have voice plans that give users a specific amount of free data every week for a minimum credit recharge amount. For most cases, these free data allocation wouldn’t be enough for some people for their regular data needs and they just normally have a separate data plans on their other smartphones.

    Some people even do not bother with the free data until their main data line starts misbehaving. And it sound silly toting two smartphones instead of one smartphone and a feature/dumb phone, but the fact is that some people are so used to the ease of use associated with smartphones that using feature/dumb phones become chore and simply unendurable with with cheap smartphones taking the consideration of cost out of the equation.

  4. MULTI SIM phones could be the saviour to this madness of carrying multiple smartphones about.

    Having just recently jumped on the Tablet bandwagon, the first problem I encountered was..deciding on which device to subscribe to a data plan. The Tablet’ or the smartphone?.

    I was reluctant to subscribe to two different data plans EyeBeekay abhors waste. I don’t need it. But I would love to be online and reachable all the time. Besides, I desire to use the Tablet whenever possible. If not for calls, I would ditch the phone entirely.

    What I was forced to do is put the data plan on the Tablet, and usE it as a hotspot.

    The implication is that I have to use pay as you go data when the Tablet is not with me. A middle of the road solution..not ideal..but working for me. Luckily the tab is 8 inches, and is really easy to take almost everywhere.

  5. First of all thank God mr mo has fixed this site to allow me post via mobile using opera mini via my outdated symbian s60v3. When i still had my bb it served as data device while this c5 was used only for calls.

  6. Interesting problem! I propose a Mobile app to help solve this problem. The mobile app can be installed on all your different mobile smartphones and can instantly sync all your alerts and data. Therefor you can answer and receive calls and text from one phone (master) while the other phones are sitting in your pocket or bag.

    Is this something you guys will be interested in? What other ideas would you like to see with an app like this?

  7. I have this notorious habit of thinking there is an app solution for almost anything.

    Most often than not, there really IS an app..if you search enough.

    Just the other day, I was wondering if my main line can reside inside the tablet. Then, there should be a smart watch_like facility that allows the Tab to transmit calls, messages,.ANYTHING to my smartphone.

    I can then decide if I want to respond on the Tab, or on the SmartPhone.

    On Android, I am pretty sure if this does not already exist, some smartAlec Iyanya Programmer will soon dream up an app to link two devices that intimately, maintaining a master_slave relationship…

    Meanwhile, I am still searching…

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