Using your BlackBerry 10 mobile’s camera as a Document Scanner

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Being able to scan and send documents on the go is such an essential business need these days. Thankfully, in this age of great smartphone cameras, it is very possible, for there is an app for that.

We have showed how to use your Android smartphone as a document scanner, and how to use your Windows Phone mobile as a document scanner. In this article, I show you how it is possible too on your BlackBerry 10 device.

Document Scanner ScanWritr

My preferred app for scanning documents on the BlackBerry Passport is ScanWritr. It not only scans documents and enhances the images, it lets you add text to the scanned image (such as filling form fields), add a signature via handwriting recognition (works with your fingers), and converts to PDF and send via e-mail, fax, social media, etc.

Here is what the signature process looks like:

ScanWritr signature

After signing and/or entering text, you can scale the signature or text and move it around to fit just where you want it.

In my opinion, this is the darned best document scanner app available today. Or perhaps the Passport’s large, square display makes ScanWritr a whole lot more impressive. Either way, I am sold on the app.

There is a free version and a paid (Pro) version available.

Download ScanWritr for BlackBerry 10 | Download ScanWritr Pro for BlackBerry 10 ($3.99)


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