Of the four (4) GSM networks, setting up a connection between a capable phone and PC for internet access on three of them, namely: MTN, Glo, and…

Using Zain Packet Data for Internet Browsing on PC

Of the four (4) GSM networks, setting up a connection between a capable phone and PC for internet access on three of them, namely: MTN, Glo, and Etisalat, is a simple, straightforward affair. Once you have your data cable (or Bluetooth connection), APN, username and password, you are good to go. With Zain however, there is one further step to be taken – a proxy must be setup or else the internet connection won’t work.


Here is a concise guideline to help you get things working.

Install Your Phone’s PC Suite on the PC

This usually comes in an installation CD in the phone sales package. Slot the CD in the CD drive and complete the installation.


Connect Your Phone to the PC

backup_of_zain-modemI’m assuming that you are using a USB cable here. Connect the cable to your phone and then to the PC. Your PC should indicate that your phone has been connected, and tell you your phone is ready to be used.

Launch the PC Suite on PC

Under the “Programmes” menu, launch the PC Suite application. Select the “Internet Connection” menu. The title may vary a bit, so don’t panic if that’s not exactly what you see. In Sony Ericsson PC Suite, for example, it is called “Mobile Networking”.


mob-net-wizSome PC Suite applications automatically setup the connection. Others may require you to manually do so. If you can’t get the PC to establish an internet connection, select the manual setup option, and use the following parametres wherever a request for any of them is made by the application:

– APN: wap.ng.zain.com
– Username: wap
– Password: wap
– IP address:
– Port: 8080

Complete the setup by clicking the relevant button, and now you have just one more step to go. Yes; just one more.

Setup a Proxy in Your Browser

If you use Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Settings -> Look in the section titled “Proxy Server”, tick the box that reads “Use a proxy server for…” and enter the following:

Port: 8080

Also tick the check box that says, “Bypass proxy server for local addresses”. Then click “OK”, and “OK”.

If you are using Firefox, you are likely to know what to do to setup a proxy, but here goes all the same:

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Connection -> Settings


Under Connection Settings, tick “Manual proxy Configuration”, and enter the following:

HTTP proxy:
Port: 8080

Then click “OK”, and “OK

That’s It

You should be able to browse now on your PC using a Zain line on your phone.

1. Your phone must have a modem built-in for this to work
2. Your Zain line must have been activated/provisioned for Zain mobile internet (To get provisioned, send SMS in the format, “internet sonyericsson P910i”, to 232, save the settings sent to you by SMS, and start browsing.)


For Other GSM Networks

For other GSM networks, use the following settings for the connection (no need for a proxy with any of them)

– APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
– Username: web
– Password: web
– IP address:
– Port: 8080 or 9201

– APN: glosecure
– Username: gprs
– Password: gprs
– IP address:
– Port: 8080 or 9201

– APN: etisalat
– Username: blank
– Password: blank
– IP address: blank
– Port: blank

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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this info.

    I seem to have a little challenge. And I suspect it’s coming from my phone.
    I use a NOKIA 5800XpressMusic phone.

    I already installed the CD that came with it, on my laptop. However, I couldn’t find the PC Suite application on the menu. The only “PC Suite” I found was not on the laptop, but on my phone, which is just a connection prompt.

    I’ve since been trying to make the connection, as you explained, using my Zain phone. But it’s proving difficult. I’d rather put the blame on me.

    What can I do?

  2. AlooFar,

    The software package on the 5800 CD is slightly different from the standard. After installing the software from the CD on your Windows PC, follow this path: Start -> Programmes -> Nokia -> Nokia Ovi ->OneTouch Access.

    OneTouch Access is where you configure your internet connection. Cheers!

  3. i have an edge modem and it asks me for 4 things which are
    i have the settings for mtn only and the tel is *99#
    how abt zain and other networks??

  4. Samuel,

    Yomi already provided the settings in the article above.
    – APN: wap.ng.zain.com
    – Username: wap
    – Password: wap
    -tel: *99#

  5. I tried this method described in your aticle but it didn’t work for me. After connecting my phone to the internet, I entered the settings for proxy and port but I was unable to browse the internet. I’m really interested in this because Zain has a package that is suitable for me, the Zain lite. It is affordable and I can use it 24/7 for a whole month.
    Can you please help me out? Thanks

  6. Metamba,

    If your line has been activated for WAP, if you have the right settings, and you followed the steps as described in the article above, I see no reason why you should not be able to browse on your PC with Zain.

    Could you check again, or alternatively provide detailed information on what you did?

    As for the Zain data SIMs, the last time I was at a Zain outlet, they flatly refused to sell me the data SIM if I wasn’t going to buy a USB modem or data card. I explained that I wanted to use it on my communicator, but they wouldn’t shift their position. You can still make an attempt though, perhaps they are more customer-friendly now on this issue?

  7. Thanks bro, you the man.

    got it right the first time and was using Gpass as a proxy when zain browsing was free and suddenly, gpass refused to launch the browsers until i saw your post and its working.

    the good thing about this zain thing is that no-one ties you to a contract and no post paid issues (the ridiculous thing of paying as much as 10k for just the contract) and its pay as you go.

    thanks once again and keep the good work going.

  8. i realy appreciate u. my problem is dat in using bluetooth wit sony eric k700i and not pc suit 4 my connectn pls how can it work.i need ur help

  9. hey bros…..thanks for the post…..its really makes me glad…..bros u’re such a wonderful person that Nigeria need to be leading…..lol well bros im using the setting and your freedom but i cant sign in my yahoo messenger and i dont know if u can tell me what to do to make chat again with my messenger…..hope to read from u soon bros well thanks once again sure boyan

  10. Donbraye,

    I haven’t tried using Yahoo Messenger with the connection, but one thing you can try out is this: Yahoo Messenger -> Messenger -> Preferences -> Connection -> Connect via a proxy server; then try out each of the two options there (HTTP proxy and Socket proxy) one after the other. Use the Zain IP address and port:

    HTTP proxy:
    Port: 8080

  11. Hi all, thanks for this post, i actually used the procedure to get my nokia 5800 browse on d zain network! zain claimed they didnt have settings for it….but bnow i can surf the internet using wifi when i’m in d office and zain when im at home.
    hurray thanks again guys…:))

  12. Donbraye,

    Use any of the Circumventors on the net to log in into your Yahoo! Mail and for Yahoo! Messenger, use http://www.web.im. It is the no-download web version of Yahoo! Messenger.

    What setting did you use to configure your YF?

  13. ATSC, aw u dey!!! well thank u so much…i will try it now…well to me u guys are really so great….well can u guys pls tell me aw to activate zain sim now pls?

  14. I tried the proxy settings on my pc browser with zain and it worked well. Thanks. I think I didn’t get it right the first time. Thanks

  15. pls i need who can tell me how to activate zain sim online…..i had tried message one but the thing is not going….thats why i want to try the online one maybe it’ll…..ok? i need who can tell me aw to do it pls??

  16. For those who want to configure their Zain sim card online. Go to dmc.ng.zain.com and follow the prompt.

    For those who are willing to use Zain Wap on the PC, i’m afraid you might not be able to use your Yahoo messenger.
    I worked mine out by using Zain internet settings.

    Its very difficult to get your line activated for this particular package. I worked mine out by keep sending sms to 232 in this format “internet nokia n95 8gb” You might be a lucky fellow too, try it too but it might take days to get it done.

  17. You can try going to the webpage http://dmc.ng.zain.com. You can select your phone type there and get the settings sent to your phone. You can also call customer care on 111 and 113 for the customer care consultants to activate your line.

  18. Phasekay, Metamba guys im really grateful and thx alot……well baba pls i dont know if i need to set anything on my phone b4 i will activate zain sim online….ok? pls if there’s…..i beg just tell me aw im going to do it????

  19. Donbraye,

    There is nothing to set on your phone. A representative at Zain confirmed yesterday that the application for activating internet service is currently quite problematic. It is the reason why it is very difficult to get provisioned for internet on prepaid lines (at least that is what I was told).

    I was told to keep trying or to check back. You’ll have to do the same too.

  20. U really did a good work, though i have using it before i come across your tips, it is perfectly correct with mine. thank u. Can u try the proxy settings and port for O’net, they also use cdma technology?

  21. Mr Yomi, kindly guide me to how to use Glomobile for my pc browsing, i’ve tried so many tips including the one you listed above without success, may be i’m missing out some things.

  22. thanks bro for the link,i tried the zain and it works but its slow,very slow.is there anything i can do to enhance the speed? which network is the fastest? is it glo?

  23. Jose, I’ll put up a fresh post dedicated to using Glo for internet access on PC.

    Andrew, to speed up your browsing, you can always turn off images and javascript in your browser. At the moment, GloMobile delivers the most stable and the fastest internet service among the GSM players.

  24. pls can u help with glo settings? i heard with the cheat glo only deduct 26 naira frm ur credit and u can browse as long as u want.

    This site does not promote free browsing cheats and the like. Thank you.Editor

  25. 1st thks for the good work u are doing.
    pls can u help me with zain special site where i can configure my sim card for browsing, i have set countless configuration massages to 232 i.e “internet manufaturer model”, all to no avail.

  26. Abeg help me .i tried the zain internet sim card activation from the link provided ,iwebsite did not opened after supplying my phone no.i need ur help in activation sim card.thanks

  27. Akin,

    There’s nothing else to be done. Like I was told, “The system is problematic. Keep trying”. Just keep at it.

  28. Hi Yomi, i tried to connect my phone with zain to my pc, but it didnt work, meanwhile, my sim has got the settings saved but i try to browse with my phone (Nokia 5200) it says subscribe to packet data first, then link not available afterwards.

    pls help me see what the problem is

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