Valentine’s Day: Splashes of Red everywhere

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Val Cake

Last Friday was Valentine’s Day. I had a business meeting in the morning, then took Mrs. Mo out for ice cream around noon. She asked me to select any flavour. In the spirit of Valentine’s, I picked one with a colour closest to red. It was a shade of pink. She told me she enjoyed it. When she gave me a few spoons out of it, I didn’t quite like the flavour. Oh well. The important thing is that she enjoyed it.

After the ice cream, at the car park, transferred the Val cake that she got me from her car to mine. Yes; it had red heart shapes all over it.

Later in the day, I was to meet up with someone for business. Traffic in Lagos had gone crazy that evening, and I was thankful that I had arrived at my rendezvous hours before the madness started. It was a good thing that I was on one spot and not one of those caught inside it.

When my contact arrived at our rendezvous, we tried to locate one another via telephone conversation.

Me: I am arriving in front of the Airtel store. I think I see you.
She: I can see you. You are holding a big red phone.

Sigh. My dead give away. The big red phone.

This Nokia Lumia 1520 will make it tough for me to blend into any crowd. It is big and red after all. How can it be missed? Everywhere I go, it has become an identifying mark. Everyone notices. Everyone wants to see it. And most are awed when they get to “see” it. You know that when people say they want to “see” something, they really mean that they want to hold and play with it. Aha.

People in my circle know how quiet and unassuming I can be. I do not exactly love to be noticed like that. I wondered at first why anyone would send me a red phone as a gift. A big, red one for that matter. Then it occurred to me that it was Valentine’s season. That explained it. Incidentally, the only other red phone I have ever owned is the Nokia Asha 501. I didn’t buy that either. It was a gift. When I buy phones, I usually do black, grey, white, and/or silver. I am a fan of understated colour schemes.

Here are my two Reds together, one so tiny and the other so big:
Red Phones

Perhaps I should try out a bold new look. At 40+, it is a good time to have a mid-life crisis; innit? Mister Mobility in red and other bright colours might just be what the doctor ordered for a good life going forward.

Yes; Valentine’s Day was all about splashes of red for me. How did your Valentine’s Day go?

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