I have had my Lumia 950 since February 2016 when it arrived MobilityArena for review. And flawed as it was, falling in love with it

Is the Vannego Lumia 950 Replacement Back Cover any good?

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I have had my Lumia 950 since February 2016 when it arrived MobilityArena for review. And flawed as it was, falling in love with it was easy. The solid camera made it keeper for me. And so I have kept it and cherished it. But eventually, some wear and tear happened and I needed a Lumia 950 replacement back cover.

One day, I decided to do something about it. I searched online for a replacement back cover for it. No Nigerian retailer was listed, but I found a listing on AliExpress. I had never made a purchase from that platform before, but I was aware that Nigerians regularly shopped from there.

So I gave it a go: I ordered for a Lumia 950 Replacement Back Cover by a brand named Vannego. Colour: white. The original cover that came with the phone is black, but I wanted a new and different look for the veteran, so I chose white. Other available colours were black, blue and red.

The AliExpress Experience

My order was placed on the 22nd of April. The AliExperess app, I was able to monitor the progress of package. After rriving the ountry, there was a failed delivery on the 7th May. The app asked me to contact the local post office. Yesterday, I had the package up from the post office.

In all, I spent $4.99 on the case and $1.92 on regular shipping, to bring my total expenses to $6.91 or NGN 2,255.11. It feels like money well spent.

Is The Lumia 950 Replacement Back Cover Any Good?

I snapped the replacement back cover on with some mild apprehension. Would it fit augly in place, or would something be off?

Thankfully, the Vannego Lumia 950 replacement back cover fits nicely. In addition, it does not feel cheap or of poor quality. Which would have been terrible, as the Lumia 950 is entriely covered in plastic – something it has been highly criticised for. Microsoft sold a flagship that was all plastic! I shall not rant again.

All I have to do now is wait and see for how long the new cover lasts before starting to fall apart.

Vannego Lumia 950 Replacement Back Cover

This Lumia Love Goes On

There are not many phones that I have held on to for up to two years. I can count them on the fingers of one hand. The average replacement time is 6 months. So you can understand that the 950 has a special place in my heart.

Last December, it gave me a scare when it kept throwing an error message at me every time I launched the camera. I thought it was ready to retire and ride into the sunset. But a software update from Microsoft fixed that problem and the errors went away.

As such, my Lumia 950 lives on, taking great photographs, and it shall continue to serve me so till it breathes its last.

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