When BBM arrived Windows Phone years ago – which was after we begged and pleaded and grovelling for it – it was easily the worst

Verdict: BBM on Windows smartphones is beyond redemption

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When BBM arrived Windows Phone years ago – which was after we begged and pleaded and grovelling for it – it was easily the worst app on Microsoft’s smartphone platform. Today, on Windows 10 Mobile, it still is the worst app on the platform. If you think you understand what frustration and longsuffering is, wait till you try to do instant messaging via BBM on a Lumia. Horrible is putting it mildly.


And note that I am writing this from my experience with the app on one of the most powerful smartphones in the world, the Lumia 950. Snapdragon 808 and 3GB of RAM is the kind of power we are talking about. If BBM is crap on the Lumia 950, I’m not afraid to pass this verdict: BBM for Windows platform is beyond redemption.

Notifications are delayed, if they happen at all. Many times, I pick up the phone to do something and launch the app before I get any notification of new messages. Then, I have to stare at the app for a few moments before the actual messages drop in. And then, tap a message to open it and it takes another few moments to open. I can’t be nice about this. It is absolutely the worst user experience of any app in existence on the planet. Now, imagine trying to run BBM on a lowly Lumia 550. Try it only if you love pain.

BlackBerry needs to save face by taking down the BBM app for Windows. Just shut it down and let it be known that there is no such app for the platform. This app is a travesty of instant messaging…..There is nothing instant about it. BlackBerry needs to take it down and stop being sadists. Any BBM lover should look elsewhere…. sorry, BB10 OS is on its way out, so Android OS is your best bet. If you can tolerate a slightly lower amount of pain, feel free to give iOS a try. Just stay away from BBM for anything Windows. It is absolute trash.

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  1. I disagree… My Bbm works fine on my 535 with 1gb ram…. It only seems that it works well wen u have a good network… But its not as bad as u make it seem. Andl they definitely not shut it down. Lol but thank God u aren’t the ceo

  2. BBM on iOS works fine – at least for me. I don’t think it’s remotely comparable with the experience on Windows Phone. If anything, what you’ve described in this article has been my experience with WeChat.

  3. Nuel guy,

    Semantics. BBM works fine on other platforms despite the general lack of good network, but behaves poorly on Windows Phone. Same story. BBM sucks on Windows Phone for most users.

    I have owned and used BBM on several Lumias over the years and the results have always been the same till today.

    The app is a piece of shit. Potential users beware.

  4. Great article. Thanks a lot. I have already downloaded BBM app and it is going ok in my Android device.

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