The Thor has spent approximately 7 working days with me here on the job at MobilityArena. It is just the right amount of time I

Vernee Thor Review: Great Performance On A Budget

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The Thor has spent approximately 7 working days with me here on the job at MobilityArena. It is just the right amount of time I need to decide if I will spend my coins on this device or not. Come find out how the device performs in our Vernee Thor review.

Straight up, what we have here is a 5-inch display with Gorilla Glass, 4G LTE, 3 GB of RAM, stock Android 7 Nougat, and a decent 16 GB internal storage. You only get 10 GB of storage space for your needs though, as the phone’s system has 5.8 GB taken. That still gets you going nicely if you do not download lots of stuff. If you do need more space, you will certainly need a microSD card. The Thor supports cards up to 128 GB.

Vernee Thor Review

Vernee Thor Review: Network and Telephony

In-call audio quality on the Vernee leaves you with more to desire, which is no surprise. That is the standard experience at this price range. For data, the phone supports 2G, 3G and 4G internet connections. I couldn’t get to test the 4G feature though, as it does not support the 4G band of the Glo SIM I had in it. However, I can report that both 2G and 3G work on it without issues.

Also, the Vernee Thor doesn’t give you the option to peg to 4G only or 3G only. You can choose from 2G Only, 3G auto and 4G auto. I am told that you can install a third party app like MTK Engineering to peg to any network that you want.

Vernee Thor Review side buttons

Vernee Thor Review: Photography

For a budget device, the Vernee Thor produced nicely coloured images from its 13 megapixels, auto-focus rear camera but not so pleasant images from the 5 megapixel selfie camera. Again, this is no surprise. It is a budget smartphone afterall. See for yourself below.

Selfie time:
Vernee Thor Review selfie

Main camera (I play too much. I am not sorry):
Vernee Thor Review rear camera

Warning: Selfies are not advised on this device. The danger of being mistaken for Baba Suwe is imminent.

Vernee Thor Review: Performance

This is the one in which the Vernie Thor excels. The phone performs better than expected of the average phone in its price bracket. With an octa-core processor (though clocked at 1.3 GHz) and 3 GB RAM, switching between apps happens smoothly without lag. I tried to install as many apps as I could on the device and run them simultaneously. It began to lag after I got to 30 apps running at the same time. Anything more than that and background apps get shut down. So, multi-tasking works smoothly here.

One thing that doesn’t seen to work well is the fingerprint scanner. It fails to register most of the time. I ended up removing it as a security feature, as it became more of a nuisance than actually reading my prints.

Vernee Thor Review bottom edge

Vernee Thor Review: Battery and Charging

The Thor features a 2700 mAh Li-polymer that is quick to charge with a 5V/2A Quick Charger. Moderate use with an always-on 3G connection will see you through about 14 hours out of 24. I imagine that the hard push from my several apps had a hand in depleting the battery life faster than I imagined. Fair usage with 2G gets me a full 24-hour battery run.

Vernee Thor Review back

Vernee Thor Review: Conclusions

In terms of specs and performance, the Thor device delivers on its sales promise. The catch of being just under $100 maybe somewhat of a turn off for us here, considering the Naira-to-dollar exchange rate, but it is good value for money. Glo 4G lovers will find the lack of support a snag, but then that isn’t an exclusive thing. Many other smartphones fall in that category.

However, if performance is what you are after in a budget smartphone, Thor is a 3 GB RAM device that will cater to your multi-tasking needs. It is fits perfectly in your palms, has Gorilla Glass protection, and a few other decent specs, it is a budget smartphone with spunk. Just don’t expect too much from the fingerprint scanner.

Here are more resources on the Vernee Thor:

The Vernee Thor is currently available for just $99.99 in a flash sale on GearBest. You need to use the coupon, VTSIsrael, when placing your order.


  1. Hahaha true talk this is not phone for taking selfies to avoid the looks of baba suwe😂

  2. As far as I’m concern, this device is a great phone, because I’m not a selfie freak. Apart from the selfie thing, I love other features in it, the 3GB Ram and the 16GB ROM are very much OK. The price here in Nigeria is what I don’t know

  3. Hmmm all these phones with strange name …Has anyone tested this phone in this rainy season.

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